on friday night - being my "little weekend" - i always sleep late. last night i didn't go to bed until 1:30. i had a sip of baijiu (the 53% alcohol cheap bottle i bought for RMB$8, i wanted to see what it taste like, not very good) so i was already sleepy, but watched some shows from bed on my phone (tethered charging from the wall). i haven't touched my tablet pc in a while, since my new phone can do pretty much everything the tablet pc can do and more.

* bus drama XL ZF, ZF talking but i can't concentrate
* MH & XL wearing the same thing today: green v-neck sweater with jeans
* trying to get XL to take me to college town to see the flowers
* PSS coming by my desk a few times in the morning to ask me shizhu questions
* mrs.gu showing me some photos of dianjiang - peony preserve park - which we will go in april
* sitting with contract group during lunch, seeing WY eating by herself
* showing romeo my 3D camera
* new QQ buddy sarah (pretty 21 year old coed introduced by LH), wants to "practice her english"
* invited XL for rice porridge dinner, she declined saying she didn't want to eat tonight

it's been 7 months and i'm still unhappy and unaccepting of working on saturdays. as always, my form of civil disobedience is to do as little as possible, completely guilt-free.

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