i haven't blogged since march 2nd (8 days) and it feels great, a true vacation where i actually get away from my normal routines. it was an action-packed 7 days starting from chengdu, then to emei/leshan, then chongqing and finally returning to changshou. it was a weird occasion where i was experiencing a vacation (changshou/chongqing) within a vacation (chengdu) within a vacation (emei/leshan). i took so many photos, the 100GB of storage space i had left on my netbook is now down to the megabytes. i will of course try my best to retroactively update those missing days, at the expense of sleep and being tired at work the next day.

at the end of every day my parents would complain about body aches, only to wake up the next day to go out and do it all over again. i planned on taking them to even more places but i think we still saw a lot given the time we had. chengdu - especially the haiyou hotel - is now like our second home, as we explored the nearby streets. if i liked chengdu before i like it even more now, with it's easy-to-navigate city infrastructure, relatively clean streets, and convenient lifestyle things i could get used to.

i'm running a sleep deficit again, and it's making me super tired. i didn't go to bed that late last night either, just midnight. but apparently that's not enough given the fact that every single night last week i'd sleep only 5-6 hours at most.

* XL invite

around 2:00 the jd.com courier arrived with my packages. unfortunately the only things that came were 2 pairs of recharging USB cables; the tablet PC's and high blood pressure monitor won't arrive until tomorrow, even though the website advertised they'd get here today if i ordered before 11pm last night. i guess i grew used to free next-day deliveries.

* XL outdoor chat

in the late afternoon i struggled to stay awake. so much so that i had moments of lucid dreaming, weird images fluttering in and out as i drifted back and forth into waking unconsciousness.

* beijing duck dinner
* tea at pansusu's empty apartment