today was supposed to be a day of rest. i reluctantly refrained from going anywhere. anywhere far that is. nevertheless, there was still plenty of things to do:

  • sleep late (9:00)
  • buy new spray tube and fix bathroom shower (RMB$26 for the hose)
  • buy pillows RMB$28/each
  • kleenex
  • buy pickled garlic and long beans RMB$8
  • get keys made RMB$10
  • change/washing bedsheets
  • do laundry
  • clean apartment floor
  • work on weblog
  • buy plane tickets to shanghai RMB$1530
  • buy train tickets to/from chongqing RMB$20 each way
  • buy changshou bus pass RMB$20 for the pass and RMB$50 credit
  • iron clothes
  • order onda v975 chinese brand ipad clone with retina display RMB$889
  • order new protective LCD sticker for canon 60D RMB$18

i ended up doing everything on that list except work on the weblog. also, the last train leaving chongqing for changshou on the 23rd is 8:20 and my flight back from shanghai arrived at 7:55 so i won't be able to make that train. i will have to find a private driver either from the airport or from hongqiheguo.

i also had 2 bonus activities:

  • visit fengshan park in old town
  • bubble milk tea RMB$6

when i finally came home it was 6:30, the time i'd normally come home - from a full day of work! goes without saying, my cold has not gotten any better, but good to see i still have plenty of energy, even if my body is operating in the red zone right now. incessant coughing and my nose is still running. where am i going to find the time to get better? recuperation just doesn't seem to fit on my schedule. the only way to get me to stay in bed on a sunday is if i was physically tied down.

when i woke up this morning my right butt muscle plus my tailbone were still a little sore but at least i could move around now. then throughout the day, as i was walking about, the pain disappeared, only a very slight discomfort. i'm still not sure what it was, but i only aggravate it when i sit down and apply pressure on my right side, especially if i'm sitting upright but lying in bed, so i try not to do that now. for lunch i ate my other box of sushi and for dinner a bowl of ramen mixed with a healthy serving of sichuan paocai.

i updated by QQ zone throughout the day with photo updates. it's interesting to see who follows me. zengfei seems to take a peek everyday, but someone like xianglian never once looked. makes me re-evaluate who's really curious about me in the office.