i woke up at 6:50, my left eye crusty with debris. the same happened yesterday, but i didn't think much of it, until i went to the bathroom this morning and noticed the eye was a bit red. i saw it last night when i took a shower. it doesn't seem like it's pink eye (yet) because the skin around the eye isn't puffy, and if i had some visine i could probably treat it myself. i'm hoping it's not conjunctivitis and that it's something that will go away on its own. i have enough health problems right now as it is, don't need another one! i sort of don't want to work too hard today, this being saturday and all, a traditional day of rest. my cold is getting better gradually, but i still have to frequently blow my nose (just as not frequently as a few days ago). xianglian asked me today if i set off any fireworks last night. i told her i wasn't able to do so because i was also photographing. she said she wanted to go check out the fireworks, but she was with mahui shopping in the supermarket last night and that used up most of her time. although if she really wanted to, when i invited around 9:00 there was still plenty of time for her to come out. XL is sort of fixed in her ways, which is unusual for someone so young. there isn't too much flexibility with her, and i realized last night she's not the sort of person i'd hang out with because she never want to do any of things i want to do.

i sent baihong a message this morning that i was still sick so would be resting at home. that's not entirely true. sick, yes, but i still might go to chongqing. romeo has been asking me, and i feel compelled to take him there, just to teach him how to do it. and this sunday is the only day we can go, because after that i'm busy until the middle of march.

LH didn't come to work again this morning. it's one thing to occasionally be late, but he's more late than not. i know i'm sort of his friend, but i feel like i should tell someone. it's a little demoralizing. why should the rest of us even bother to come to work on time or come to work at all when he can do whatever he wants? he's basically adhering to the stereotype that IT personals are lazy and get away with murder because they're the only one who can fix the broken internet or when a printer stops working.

mr.yi made another surprise appearance at the office today, what is officially to be his last. he came by to properly say good bye to various people. he told me again that once this project was over, that i should get in touch with him about job opportunities in oman. he also asked if i was coming to dinner tonight, for a moment forgetting that i'm an employee of the chinese half of the consortium and that this dinner was exclusively korean only.

at 40 years old, i'm that guy without any friends eating by himself in the office cafeteria. days like this makes me feel like returning to cambridge on the next flight out of chongqing. after lunch i didn't want to do anything with them, i just wanted to drown everything out in my own things. i read my chinese liberation book and braced myself for the second half of the day, 5 hours of infinite boredom.

* back pains, right buttocks to tailbone, couldn't even walk, standing up was excruciating, just happened to be chatting with my parents at the time from bed