i went to bed last night at 3:30. it got to a point where i was considering whether or not to even bother sleeping since i'd have to wake up for saturday work in a few more hours. i woke up at 6:50, my new wake up time. 10 minutes to use the bathroom, 10 minutes to shave & shower, 10 minutes to get dressed and make my tea. i vaguely remembered some weird dream i was having where i was back in the chinese countryside.

i've developed a very minor throat irritation that could lead into a cough. i'm trying to pretreat it by drinking a lot of tea (and subsequently visiting the bathroom every hour or less). that i've gone this long without getting sick is kind of a miracle, since i have a very weak immune system from spending so many years working from home and not being exposed to outside germs. but those are american germs anyway, different from chinese germs. i'm thankful that i wasn't sick during my cohosting gig, that would've been bad. maybe spending all 9 days of the spring festival crisscrossing chongqing province non-stop depleted my ability to resist china germs. also being in contact with so many people while traveling, that'd probably increase my chances of catching something. anyway, a small price to pay for my chinese new year adventures.

i helped nancy in the morning figure out how to connect to her niece in canada via wechat. she couldn't decipher her niece's canadian phone number, which apparently is the same sequencing as the US. as a test, i told her to find my wechat account, which uses my american phone number. it worked without problems. nancy reminds me of my paternal grandmother for some reason. i don't remember too much of my grandmother because she passed away when i was still very young before i even left for america from taiwan, but nancy sort of looks like her (from the photos i've seen). i would never tell nancy this because i don't think she's that old, maybe in her late-40's early-50's.

wangyan from 响水

thinking about getting the canon EF 28mm f/1.8 prime lens for US$450

lonely nana mp3 search

nancy said i looked like karl marx on my wechat icon

the big question today is: will i have to work tomorrow? i assumed i didn't, but yesterday when i was talking to our boss mr.lee he said he was working on sunday. i thought that was insane, but didn't even consider that maybe the company required us to work tomorrow. my philosophy was as long as i didn't know one way or anoher, i could still take the day off tomorrow, guilt free. i overheard others talking about it, and nobody really knew one way another. somebody said you had to come in tomorrow, somebody else said it was a government mandated post-spring festival day of rest. i think if you have to think about whether or not you need to come in, then there's a pretty good chance you're not one of the essentials and could take the day off.

not yet 3:00 and i'm definitely feeling the effects of only sleeping 3 hours last night. i invited sunmeng to dinner but not sure if she's going to come, i sense some hesistancy, and i kind of don't want to eat with her anyway because she's got a lot of drama going on in her life right now and i just want to eat dinner and go home. i also want to eat gan guo but she's leaning more towards steamed fish (which i don't eat).

sitting next to zengfei on the bus. she told me i should've called her when i was in wanzhou, she would've taken me to eat some wanzhou barbecued fish.

eating gan guo hot pot by myself after work. later rushing home to use the bathroom.

going to bed around 11:00, need to leave for chongqing by 7:00 tomorrow morning. let the weekend begin!