ah, i don't know how it happens every night, but i can't seem to sleep early! i blame my new android phone, which i've been trying to install some google apps, but i think i've finally fixed it so everything is cool now. i'm going to bed, in the meantime, some notes:

* i contacted the apartment rental company in my building. apparently there's a floor of short term apartment rentals on the 10th floor, just one floor below me. i asked about the price but couldn't quite understand what the man was saying through his chongqing accent. i did however schedule an appointment to see the apartments after work, so i can ask him more details about cost.

* while i was outside, one of the fan dancing girls saw me and waved hello. i've never spoken to her before. she asked me if there were any photos from last night. i took her to one of the photographers. she complimented me on my hosting work. she was particularly impressed impressed with my english, "it sounds so nice," she said. i told her there was a good reason for that: i'm actually a foreigner. "i grew up in america," i told her, but didn't get a chance to tell her that not only did i grow up there, but it's also my home.

* lihui coming to work today but left in the afternoon

* pansusu asking about my chinese new year plan and when my parents will be arriving. said he can send a car to go pick them up. pansusu leaving for beijing tomorrow.

* rooting my ZTE V975 and installing google apps. battery level down to 10%, phone giving me chirpy intermittent warnings.

* yang trying to fix me up with some chongqing procurement girl ("i've never seen her before, but they say she's very pretty") from his office. he said he'd get me a photo and i could give one to him to show her.

* a week worth of sleeping late and not having breakfast is finally catching up to me as i struggle to stay awake today.

* buying something from jd.com (cod purchase)

* LH not here, now i'm completely on my own

* drinking coffee

girls on the bus ride home complimenting my hosting performance, said i have a really nice voice. i've never heard that before, i've always thought my voice was a little high pitched when i speak chinese. maybe they just like the sound of english, a language i'm more fluent in.