it's late. i'm still basking in that post-project delivery glow, the project being a cohost at the company chinese new year ceremony. i'm tired but i feel great. i went to bed around 2:00 last night, and since i was cohosting during the banquet, i didn't get to eat much myself, so i pretty much went without dinner. all that criticism of my cohosting inabilities turned to praise today, despite the fact that i didn't really change my style all that much, and maybe spoke even faster than before on occasions. maybe it was the suit, it commanded more respect somehow. or perhaps it was my ridiculously unruly hair, which looked terrible in the few photos i've seen of my myself. i only took a few photos of my own, a farcry from what would've transpired had i been just an audience member instead of a stage performer. a lot of other people took photos though, maybe i'll get some copies from them. and there was definitely a video being filmed, so hopefully i can get my hands on that as well. it'd be nice to watch some game footage! i'm not sure if they'd ever ask me to host again though. out of the 4, i was probably the weakest, despite my better english abilities. but i like to think what i lack in professional poise i make up for in improvisation and friendly chitchat. the table i sat at was right in front of a stack of speakers and directly in the glare of LED flood lights. the few minutes i did eat, i ate with one finger in my ear to protect my hearing. since there wasn't time to actually eat, i made up for it by downing several glasses of coke for energy. maybe i'll elaborate more tomorrow. in the meantime, i'm going to bed. i go to work tomorrow a little more famous that i was just 24 hours ago.

* asking lihui to get me a 3G sim card

* yuwei going to chongqing this morning to pick up her dress

* broken elevator, walking down 11 flights of stairs to get out of the apartment building to go to work

* learning how to make little booklets using a combination of powerpoint, pdf conversion, and double-sided printing. i made some notes for the cohosting gig.

* leaving the hotel with mrs.gu, taking a taxi back into town despite the fact that it was probably just a 20 minute walk to my place (saw mr.lee in the headlight of our car)

* yuwei's mother and son sitting at our table (how did they get invited? they don't work here!)

* trying to order something online through jd.com but failing because it won't allow me to use my chrome browser for some strange reason.

* coming home and eat ramen for a late dinner (my stomach hurt for some reason, maybe not enough food, maybe too much coke on an empty stomach)