where on my body doesn't it hurt? my feet, my ankles, my legs, my shoulders, and now my back. i also haven't been eating well, feeding and running at the same time, dining infrequently without a fixed schedule. i will return to changshou not rejuvenate from my vacation but battered and worn. i will need at least a week to recover from this latest outing.

i successfully changed hotel today, moved to the cheaper and more modern hotel i meant to be staying from the beginning of my chengdu vacation. i left my old hotel around 10:00, but after checking into the new hotel and buying my train ticket back to chongqing, it was already noontime.

the only place i managed to visit today was the jinsha site museum. i took the 5 bus to get there when i could've saved myself some time and just taken the subway (i forgot there's a subway stop close by). jinsha is a recent archaeological discovery uncovered by developers in the act of excavation. jinsha culture is a contemporary of sanxingdui culture, so it pre-dates chinese written civilization.

afterwards i rode the bus a few stops to the nearest subway station, where i got off at luomashi, supposedly another commercial district, but nothing compared to chunxi street. i came here looking for another uniqlo store to buy some thermal tops, but all they had here was an H&M in this newly-built mall. i ended up leaving and going back to chunxi, where i proceeded to walk back to the hotel, stopping in a noodle soup to have a late dinner (my other meal of the day - my lunch - consisted of a tea egg purchased from a convenience store and some meat jerky).

haiyou hotel is good in that it's cheaper and more modern, but bad in that the internet reception isn't very good from my room and the room itself has a faint sewer smell because of the shower grate. i bought an air freshener and ran the ventilation fan in the bathroom which made it better but the smell returned when i prepared for bed. overall, not too bad, and if the smell really bothers me, i can ask for a different room (but i'm afraid they'll give me one of the inner rooms that don't have a window).