woke up at 9:00 * left the hotel by 10:00 * booked an additional day, maybe leaving for chengdu on friday * tu jia sandwich for breakfast (RMB$3) * accidentally stumbled across an open market - helped by foggy day + light bulbs in every stall + wide angle lens - once more i apologize to my poor shoes

* walked to tongyuan gate - remnants of chongqing's city wall from the ming dynasty - visited there 7 years ago - stayed there for hours taking advantage of all the photo opps (including my 3D camera)

* tongyuan gate historical district * i've been here before also, place has changed, just have some faint recollection (need to check my old photos when i get back to cambridge)

* walked to pipa mountain park - had some meat buns for lunch (RMB$1x2) - got lost but then found my way * pipa mountain nearly empty - foggy, low visibility * buy 2 lbs. of sweet oranges (冰糖甘)

* finally took the subway from qixinggang station to daping * newly-opened (5 days ago) korean yingli mall - didn't know where it was at first but after walking around it's highly visible - the newest shiniest thing there is there * visiting the lotte supermarket (which is actually not accessible from inside the mall - had to go to an entrance outside and into the basement - supermarkets here love being located in basements) looking for soju korean alcohol * early dinner in the mall - duck soup with rice noodles and duck entrails RMB$10 * hanging out at the mall, spending some time at the dessert cafe with what i thought was creme brule but just tapioca & egg pudding with bean paste at the bottom (RMB$23) - discover free wifi in the mall * the mall was so new, many stores haven't opened yet (coming soon!) but there was an H&M, restaurants on the top floor were all empty

* take the subway back to qixinggang to check out chongqing at night from pipa mountain - luckily i went there earlier because the place has no lights, navigate in the dark from the glow of the hazy sky - still can't quite see anything

* take subway to jiefangbei - come out a new exit, discover a crazy KTV-bar-entertainment section of JFB - some random girls asked to me take their photos, then some other random girls were eyeballing me thinking they might recognize me * had some taiwanese fried chicken nuggets from a food truck - told the girl i was from taiwan, she said her boss is taiwanese - RMB$10 actually pretty authentic yianshuji

* finally come home 9:30 * i walked nearly non-stop for almost 12 hours, sitting to rest only on these few occasions: i pipa park on a bench eating an orange, eating duck soup noodles for dinner at lotte supermarket, having fake creme brule for dessert in the yingli mall, the few times i took the subway, and in jiefangbei at night resting to text sunmeng in korea.