the big debate today - on my last day of work for 2013 - is whether to actually work or to just slack off? with most of owner's upper management team gone (i'm just assuming, i don't know for sure, but i imagine they'd want to spent the christmas holiday with their families back in europe) and with my own korean boss not here, conditions are perfect for me to not do anything today. in fact, i was tempted to just take the whole day off, but once again the responsible adult in me intervened and compelled me to come into the office.

i sat next to ZF on the bus, wanted to tell her i was going on vacation, but she looked like she was sleeping with her arms folded and we never had a chance to chat. my gut is telling me she will be leaving after chinese new year as well.

lunch: YY asked what i was doing christmas eve, invited me out for drinks. sat with WY during lunch instead of cost control.

today i picked the day i will leave changshou: april 9th, end of my 8th month of working here. i didn't realize how long i've been here and how much longer i'll stay. 8 months plus the month i was traveling means a long time away from home. not that i'm homesick, but my time here in china was always temporary, i never meant to stay. china is starting to lose its novelty for me. i'm sure there are still plenty of interesting things to see and do, but the price of working 6 days a week just so i have one day to explore is starting to become not worth it anymore. it's good that i didn't develop too may close relationships, because come april i will have to say good bye to everyone. by april i will be 40 years old.

* saying good-bye to young mr.kim who's returning to korea at the end of the month

* weird feeling leaving work: didn't want to work but also didn't want to go on a vacation either.

* dinner with xianglian

* taking 3 hours to back up my photos

* packing for chongqing tomorrow morning