the CC7 girl returned to the office today, sat in the empty cubicle space next to mine. "you really like pink," i said to her, after noticing her pink laptop, her pink sweater, and her pink shirt. the only thing missing from her ensemble were pink rain boots (the ones she had were the usual yellow). i helped her print out some documents since her computer couldn't see the network. "come again!" i told her when she left.

the mouse has gotten to my crackers! there goes the neighborhood. i noticed new bit marks on my toothpaste. so when i pulled out my packages of crackers, i noticed one of the packages had been chewed through. these mice will eat through anything! nothing is save, i have to invest in something more chewproof if i want to continue leaving food in the office. in the meantime, i moved my rolling cabinet to the other side of my desk again, in the hopes of confusing the mouse.

with xiaolong on vacation, i've been chatting with his girlfriend zhouke. when i went to the procurement department to ask for some supporting evidence for a change alert notice, i chatted with her. in line waiting to get lunch. then later at the water cooler. xiaolong doesn't come back until another week, plenty of time for me to win over zhouke to my cause in my secret war against my frenemy guo.

xiao shen seemed to be in a depressed mood after i told her all this attention she was paying me made me feel uncomfortable. i also told her it seemed she wanted me to be her boyfriend when i only want to be friends. she said i didn't understand chinese customs, but i do understand when somebody is stalking me and this is what it feels like. she can't seem to stay away, and wrote me a really weird text message today, said her boyfriend dreamed about riding a bicycle from shanghai to changshou to fight me. what? that's insane on so many levels. this is the first time in 4 months i've heard her mention her boyfriend, even though others have told me as much. and assuming this is true, for some reason she's been talking to her boyfriend about me. and then this boyfriend whom i've never met before is having dreams about fighting me. then later she started sending me names of love songs that made me even more uncomfortable.

speaking of uncomfortable, yuwei informed me today that she has in fact been chosen as an additional cohost for the annual new year dinner. she said she'd also contribute to the talent showcase, singing a song. is every hostess obligated to sing? i joked with her that this isn't a karaoke bar, which made her super angry to the point that i was worried about going home and getting murdered (since we're neighbors). but she got over it eventually, being bipolar and all and her mood swinging back to normal again.

loren and i went to dinner again after work. getting off the bus, he said he was planning on inviting everyone to a farewell dinner next week. "everyone's invited except guo," he told me. even though i agreed with him, i still thought i had to tell him it was just too obvious a burn. "i don't care, i'm leaving anyway," he told me. we ended up going to the gan guo place we went when i first started working at the company. he asked me if i knew just about every single girl in the office yet. i told him i was working my way up. just recently, i was introduced to some secretaries on the owner's side of the company. "really powerful! (真厉害!)" he exclaimed.

returning home, i had an irresistible urge to clean so ended up washing the layer of sticky grease off of the glass panel bezel around the range ventilation hood (which i still haven't really used yet, 4 months later). afterwards i did a small load of laundry, some undergarments and 2 shirts.

"长寿公交车雷人母猪…我操… 呆在猪卷就好…你妈叫你回家吃猪草" - sunmeng