i went to bed around 9:30 last night, that's after already climbing into bed by 7:40. that meant pretty much i was home for just an hour before getting ready for sleep. i skyped my parents from bed and watched a bit of that new superman movie (that whole intro on krypton is kind of weird, seems like just a showcase for the 3D effects so people wouldn't feel ripped off for paying extra to see a 3D movie).

even then, i didn't just snap out of bed, there was still a struggle. after i turned off the alarm, i stayed in bed for a few minutes longer before finally getting up. maybe i'm still tired? i'll find out by this afternoon.

my breakfast was the last 3 remaining pieces of raisin bread i had in the house. i should've checked them for mold but didn't. my tea selection this morning was some thai chai. i took the medium bus even though i had no reason to (zf wasn't here anyway) but i didn't see shirley at the bus stop so took the smaller faster option instead. i uploaded some heart and t'pau onto my mp3 player and listened to them during the ride.

i took care of some business this morning. first i made a long-distance call to vitamin shoppe (8AM in china, 7PM back at home). they sent me an e-mail informing me that the bulk of my teas were back-ordered, so i wanted to cancel the shipment altogether if i could. but when i talked to a representative, he told me everything shipped, all 12 boxes. who knows if it's true, but in any case i can't cancel the order at this point.

the second thing i had to do was look into buying that used gym pass. i talked with yuzengyi, one of the skinnier men in the office. he wanted to get rid of his gym pass because his gym buddy got hurt so now yu himself doesn't go to the gym either. he originally bought it for RMB$600 for 6 months. there's apparently still 4.5 months left on it, he sold it to me for RMB$350 (US$57). so now i have a gym membership. let's see if i'll actually use it.

it got a little busy today. the project manager from the korea half of the company recently returned from his vacation, and with our korean boss still on his vacation for the time being, the PM is stepping up to fill in the void. this morning i was creating a table of all the outstanding claims i still have left to do.

after lunch i went to talk to shirley a little bit. i always see her busy after lunch, playing QQ farm on her computer. she not only takes care of her own farm, but her cousin's as well since he's too busy to manage his own virtual property.

by late afternoon i was still fine. maybe a little tired, but still full of energy that i wasn't fighting the urge to sleep. but i don't think i'm going to make a habit of going to bed by 9:00.

chengdu guy asked me if i wanted to go to the gym tonight. i was tempted, but i seemed to have suffered some kind of groin pull recently, even walking with a limp occasionally. i told him i need some time to recover but definitely next week. it'd be nice to have a gym buddy to show me around, although when i run i don't want to chat. but he could act as my spotter if i ever want to get into weight training again. i'll need to get gloves though.

sunmeng said she would try to come over to my place later in the evening after she was done with dinner in town ("i like to take walks after dinner," she told me). this was so i wouldn't have to suffer another cold night since i still can't figure out why my air conditioner doesn't blow hot air anymore. so when i got back home i was busy cleaning up the place. there really wasn't that much to do, i keep the apartment tidy to begin with, but i wiped down the bathroom floor and made sure i made the bed. she ended up not calling and by 9:00 i figured she wasn't coming over. we're still tentatively scheduled to hang out on sunday, but she has a bunch of morning appointments (doctor to see about her back ache, then her orthodontist).