i looked at the long distance bus schedule yesterday and realized that all buses leave at 6:00. i was planning on waking up before then to watch the traffic as the buses left the station. but i slept at 2:00 last night (the perks of vacation) and at 6:00 it'd still be dark so there wouldn't be much to see. i did hear the roar of vehicles as they left the station but that's about it. by the time i did wake up, it was already close to 7:00. my body, through months of repetition, now automatically wakes up before 7:00. i get the same amount of sleep and maybe even less than if i was in changshou in my work schedule. that is also the irony of vacations, at least how i vacation.

probably another reason why i got up at 7:00 was my own internal clock was telling me it was time to use the bathroom. i discovered 2 things this morning: that the wifi was down again, and there was no hot water. i noticed it last night when i was showering, but figured i probably just used up the in-room water tank after 5 minutes. however, this morning confirmed that i indeed have no hot water. it's not a big deal, i'll tell the hotel people, maybe they give me a different room.

afterwards i did open my curtains and looked outside a bit. the fact that there are so many minivans parked outside is simply because they're the only game in town if you want to leave and don't have your own vehicle since all the buses have already left the station. they should get better organized than standing on the street yelling out destinations to whoever passes by. it must've snowed again last night as cars were covered with a centimeter layer of snow and snow dusted the hill behind the station.

i could've gone back to bed but instead i worked on my blog from the toasty comfort of my heated mattress pad. the sun was about to rise, soon it'd be daylight. about 8:00 the wifi came back on. periodically i'd look outside my window and take some photos.