Guo wakes up around 5am to use the bathroom and then goes back to sleep. I wake up around 6am to use the bathroom and take a shower. Little bit after 6:30 fy and zk are already knocking on our for asking us of were ready. Guo is still in the bathroom, I begin packing up my things. Fy is already outside getting some fresh air by the riverfront, I go outside to join her.

We leave for douhua noodles by 7am. A taxi into the city, near chishui city hall, our driver yesterday drove by it to show us, the place is recommended by him.

I get spicy douhua noodles. A few things wrong: I consider douhua a dessert, it's hard to pick up using chopsticks, and eating spicy noodles in the morning hurts my stomach. Everyone else seems to like it. Douhua noodles rmb$7 for 2liang. I also give gou and zk loperamide because they both have upset stomachs.

We take a taxi back to the bus stop, rmb$4.

Our bus to Chongqing leaves at 8am.

There is some mild congestion but nothing as bad as our trip to chishui. The bus is empty at first, but fulls up as we pick up passengers along the way, China style.

Saturday a lot of market events in small villages, see people on the roads with wicker backpacks.

We arrive in CQ around 12:45. We have lunch at a dumpling restaurant. Guo drinks the bai jiou he bought in chishui. They also serve bj in the restaurant beverage fridge.

Since I'm familiarly with the place,I take them up the stairs to the metro station.

I go pick up my pass as they go by bus tickets back to CQ.

We wait in the station for zk's boyfriend to get from the airport to the hongqi bus station.