Wake up 6:40 to use bathroom and take shower before guo. We all get together for breakfast at 7:30 at the other motel 8 branch. Fy says she doesn't want to go out today and will stay in the hotel. We all try to convince her to reconsider. Breakfast is pretty lackluster and gets really crowded the later it is. The tang yuan soup is good but I must've ate something bad because I feel an urge to use the bathroom. Fy is flagging down taxi after taxi, trying to strike a deal with a driver who can take the the of us for the day. She's using Sichuan dialect so the conversation gets pretty animated. We find a driver willing to drive us the whole day for rmb$400.

We return to the hotel to wait for his call. Fy and zk need reception to open their room door. Room service has already cleaned our room while we were at breakfast. Fy and zk visits us at our room, asking us if we're ready yet. Fy has decided to join us after all. Driver is actually older brother of taxi driver. Taxi driver can't take us because his shift ends at 4:00 (return car), gets his brother who has his own tour minivan. His name is Wang.

We visit 2 places: large waterfall & danxia.

Road to large waterfall involves driving through an active construction site were they're terraforming the landscape. Wider roads and a new massive visitor center.

Fy and zk can hear murmurs of my conversation with guo last night. Guo tells them what we were talking about, my family background of Chinese nationalists who fled China after the civil war. Fy and zk are impressed.

Large waterfall: rmb$40 for ticket. Driver gets us a discount with his id card, tries to use brother and sisters but nobody can pass for them. There is a large piece of danxia out by the entrance right above a public bathroom. Another rmb$20 for shuttle ride to take you to the top of the mountain. There nothing to see on the road, except a crescent shaped waterfall, and actually kind of dangerous because of car traffic. Most people walking up seem like college students too poor to pay the 20. Fy walks ahead of us for most of the time, since she isn't taking photos like us. This is the second largest waterfall in guizhou if not in all of China after huangguoshu. The speed of the waterfall is so fast it creates winds that blows visitors as they leave.

After waterfall, fy buys bamboo rice for us all to eat, and something she calls sweet potato, but is actually more like a large crispy radish with a semi-sweet taste.

Lunch we have with driver in a little nearby town. Restaurant has no menu, just tell them what you want to eat.

Around this time I realized that my memory card was finally showing numbers below 9999. I've never seen this before. I was a little scared because I could potentially run out of memory which has never happened before once I started using 32gb cards. Worst case scenario I could use the 32gb card from my Panasonic.

Danxia: rmb$40/person. We go the longer way which is pretty much empty, populated by fiberglass dinosaurs at the start of the trail, then a series of waterfalls of various sizes, culminating in a carved buddha head at the top of the falls.

fy buys green oranges, immediately regains her energy. She wants to buy a black chicken (wu ji) but they're too expensive (rmb$270 based on weight) and the ones we saw at the farm aren't entirely black (they have red combs and wattle). Guo and zk take slide 600m while I walk down with fy (500m or 1500m, hard to tell with the defaced signage)

Dinner we have shaokao outdoors famous place in chishui. Main course is fish with douhua, which I don't like so I only eat a little bit. Weird throwing stuff on the ground.

We walk back, but go the wrong way and accidentally walk to the city center. We walk back along the river front. Fy is in high spirits after a phone call. Fy makes fun of my Sichuan accent, which is my way of teasing her. She wants to stay out later but we're all pretty tired so we call it a night. "If you go out for night snacks let me know!" She says to us before going into their room.

I let guo use the bathroom first before I take a shower and get ready for bed. While he's using the bathroom I quickly value my parents with a quick update of today's activities.