due to heavy drinking, i wasn't able to transcribe the events that happened yesterday. it's nothing bad, but i'm probably not going to be drinking again anytime soon.

close to 11pm i was escorted home arm in arm by mr.liu, somebody whom i'd never been formally introduced until last night, and now we were like besties. we were essentially propping each other up from falling down. fengya walked besides us like a guiding beacon, otherwise it would've taken us far longer to stumble home than the 15 minutes it actually took. i also felt a little nauseous but fortunately didn't puke, that would've too much. while she went home, mr.liu made sure not only did i make it to my apartment building, but saw me safely into my room before leaving. as soon as he was gone, i collapsed into bed, too dead tired to even turn off the lights or take off my shoes. is that like passing out? my mother called me on my phone right at that moment. not only was i already kind of embarrassed that i almost had to be carried home, but now my mother knew about it too. i slurred i was too drunk to chat and she let me go so i could sleep.

the first few hours was restless drunk sleeping. i woke up intermittently still in a drunken haze, thinking about who to call in the office to cash in a sick day tomorrow because there was no way i could work. i woke up at 3am with enough lucidity to finally kick off my shoes, strip out of my work clothes, use the bathroom, drink some water, pull the curtains (i realized my neighbors could've watched me asleep in my drunken slumber), and finally shut off the lights.

when i finally woke up again at 6:00, i was no longer drunk. a little dizzy still, but the buzz was gone. i could operate at least. maybe not at 100%, but that's typical for most mornings. i set an egg to boil on the stove before using the bathroom and showering. david sent me an e-mail, said they got to my place just fine, but wondered if they could turn on the heat because it was a little cold. turn on the heat in september? come on! usually i try to hold out until november. besides, the furnace needs to be replaced.

around 6:45 i skyped my mother, just to let her know i was okay. i promised her i wouldn't drink again, but i already made that promise to myself last night. it will be easy because i don't usually drink to begin with, not even socially. i've experienced the full effect of chinese bai jiou now, and i don't wish to repeat it!

a few minutes after leaving the house i realized i didn't brush my teeth last night or this morning. i was trying to figure out if i had time to go back to the apartment, but saw a convenience store nearby and decided to see if they sold toothbrushes and toothpaste. just my luck they did. the toothbrush was only RMB$1.5, while the toothpaste RMB$7.

i felt groggy, like that feeling you get when you wake up really early to go to the airport. what i'd give to go back to sleep! at the bus stop and on the bus i saw the cast of characters from last night's drunken debauchery. it seemed nobody slept well. i saw mr.liu, who could barely open his still blood-shot eyes.

when we arrived at the office i went to go brush my teeth. the handle of the cheap toothbrush was so soft it felt like i was brushing with a strand of limp noodle. the toothpaste tasted weak, like the kind you get for free in chinese hotels. i personally like the taste, but it's essentially just a flavored baking soda paste.

the 10 hours spent at the office until it was time to leave was an ordeal. i almost wanted to feign sickness and go home. there was an afternoon shuttle bus taking folks to the airport; i was tempted to take it, not to go to chongqing, but just so i could leave work early. that reminds me: i decided not to go to chongqing after work, but instead take the hired car early tomorrow morning with fengya and our 2 additional travel companions.