today marks the beginning of my 5th week of work. every morning gets a minute darker each day that passes. i left the house a little late, went to get my meat buns for breakfast with just a few minutes to spare. had to ride the big bus today, no more room on the medium bus. i sat next to fengya though, who told me she spent sunday doing laundry, sleeping, and then dinner with a friend.

loren was a no-show this morning. mr.lee was a little angry, but unlike last time, i had no idea where he was. mr.lee said if loren continued skipping work, he'd have to be forced to speak with the boss. loren finally showed up almost 2 hours later. he didn't apologize to mr.lee and told me he woke up late when i asked him where he was.

yuwei still wasn't at work (something about her husband being in an accident but i know it's a lie so she could go spent some time with her family over the weekend) so i had the job of issuing some transmittal notice between management and the company boss. i was introduced to ms.zhang who's in charge of document control to get some transmittal numbers. i then spent some time in the office tracking down upper management to get their signature.

next thursday begins the 3-day mid-autumn festival holiday. originally i was going to spent it in chongqing, but then decided maybe nearby guizhou would be a better place, beginning with guiyang. now that i think chishui is an even better destination. although it's in guizhou, it's actually very close to chongqing city. not a lot of people seem to go there which is exactly why i want to go. prehistoric fern and bamboo forests, bizarre rock formations, these things all appeal to me. i told fengya and she seems interested. now i just have to figure out if anybody else wants to go. i was just going to go alone, maybe bring fengya. hotel and transportation seem relatively cheap, i was just go to pay for her to come out for those 2-3 days.

i sent ms.pan a very funny e-mail today but she totally doesn't get my american sense of humor. an anonymous survey was sent out to all the employees to get their opinion on our dining service. i filled out the questionnaire (had to google translate the chinese into english) then wrote something in the comment section. since the questionnaire is for the chinese half of the company, everyone will write in chinese except me, so it's really easy to pick out which one is mine. so much for anonymity! so i sent ms.pan (who's in charge of collecting the survey for our department) a tough-in-cheek e-mail, about how i just happened to find this survey lying around on my computer, and i decided to give it to her. later during the day she came to ask if the survey was mine, completely failing to get the joke. i was trying to explain how they're supposed to be anonymous but she didn't seem to understand. "would you like me to translate your comments into chinese?" she asked me.

the IT guy pimped me out on QQ chat to another girl interested in learning english, sally a 23-year old from xi'an. it's one thing if it's a fellow coworker, but i had no idea who this person was, just one of 600 supposed internet friends of the IT guy. "but really, only 100 are close friends." anyway, for somebody who wanted to chat, sally was a real bore, and i ended up asking all the questions. for some reason all her text was in size 80 font, so i had to scroll the page just to read it. also she told me she was an english major, but her english was kind of terrible, and i lost interest pretty quickly after that. i don't think sally and i will be very good QQ friends.

after work i went to the chongbai supermarket to get some more moon cakes, some cough drops, and some drinks. i saw some taller plastic stools that looked promising (RMB$57 each) but i'll come back and get them some other time, so i can get a special receipt so the company can reimburse me. cutting through the mall as a shortcut, i bumped into a girl i'd just with during dinner.

a shower, some laundry, and not even a full episode of the bridge rounded out my evening before i began working on the blog. i ate the rest of my duck feet from yesterday; they're so delicious i may end up getting some more tomorrow from a different place. i'm hoping i can go to bed a little bit early tonight, went to sleep at 12:30 last night. i wasn't that tired at work, but i definitely need more sleep if i want to survive this week.