it was rainy and foggy this morning, a rarity it seems since most days have been dry with varying degrees of cool and hot temperatures. it was a day for black pants, not khakis. i wanted to make some hard-boiled eggs for breakfast but it seemed to take too long to boil the water on the stove so i gave up, resigned to eat my RMB$3 breakfast combo of meat buns and soy milk.

on the bus a chubby girl sat next to me. i normally wouldn't notice except i know this girl has a secret crush on me, from the way she steals furtive glances at me in the office to the way she giggles with her friends whenever they see me. she didn't say anything to me but i had a feeling she wanted to. she pawed at the overhead AC vents, turning them off. right before we arrived at the office, she reached across my chest to wipe the condensation off the window. not sure if she was doing me a favor (because i was looking outside) or she wanted to look herself, it didn't help anyway since the window was rain-soaked from the outside as well.

loren told me yesterday he wouldn't be in the office today (or tomorrow) and asked me to cover for him if anyone asked. i don't see why he couldn't just tell our boss, but he's playing office politics because mr.lee is a team leader from the korean half of the company and loren feels he doesn't have to report to him. of course mr.lee asked me this morning where loren was. not yet into my 3rd week and i'm already lying for my coworkers. "he had a family emergency," i told him, which is actually the truth, i'm just not sure why loren couldn't have sent mr.lee a courtesy e-mail. boss or no boss, we all work in the same small department, no reason to be a dick.

after work, i sat with ms.pan on the bus. she didn't notice me at first, but when she turned around and saw the seat next to mine was empty, she switched. i want to ask her out to dinner one of these nights, but i'm also afraid to lead her on. besides initial attraction, i'm trying to find out if we have anything in common. maybe i'm over-analyzing all of this too much. i said good bye to her after we got off. a fellow coworker whom i barely knew came up to me and asked where was the beauty i was talking to. i said she went home.

visiting the potential new apartment:

hanging out at yuwei's place and shocking her cute friend wangyan