after work today a coworker pointed out to me where to take the bus into the old city. it was where i thought it'd be, but nice to have some confirmation. i went to the bus stand to see if i could find a schedule. the thing with the buses around here is they're entirely for locals. not only are there no schedules, the stops aren't even named, so you pretty much have to figure it out for yourself. originally i was just going to look, but i figured i had time to kill anyway, and got on the next arriving bus, which was a 105. the cost per ride was just RMB$1 (15¢).

the whole point of riding the bus into the old city is to familiarize myself with the local public transportation. most of the people i talk to tell me to just take a taxi into the old city, but i prefer the cheapness of the bus. it's also nice to have options, and not always have to rely on taxis.

all buses head into the old city it seems. all buses pass the qian bus station too, so next time i go to chongqing i can just ride the bus into the old city instead of taking a taxi. once the buses get to rotary in the city center, that's where they go in different directions. i was hoping this bus would go straight down taoyuan avenue, but once it veered up changshou road, i decided to get off and walk the rest of the way.

i ended up snaking my way through some hilly residential areas, coming back out at the rotary, where i continued down taoyuan avenue, now renamed sanxia road. pass huangdong street the stretch of sanxia is supposedly a red light district. i was thinking bangkok-style debauchery, but it was very discreet, a lot of massage parlors, one sex shop, that was about it, mixed with hot pot restaurants and motorcycle repair shops.

i kept walking until i came to fengshan park, a surprising swath of forested landscape. a winding stairwell that looked more like a water slide worked its way down into the park. it's a place worth exploring during the daytime; i'd feel a little scared wandering the place at night.

it was already getting dark so i decided to turn back. i saw a 101 bus but it passed me before i could reach a bus stop. i tried taking a 104 but the driver told me they were heading to the train station (where's that?) and not the new city. while waiting for the bus, i saw a woman who may or may not have been a prostitute. she wore a micromini with heels and kept tugging down her dress. when she noticed me, she actually walked towards me and stood nearby. when i pretended not to notice, she went back to the street corner a few minutes later. a short time later a young man approached her and they disappeared together.

i caught the next 101 which took me back to the old city. the 101 - because of its longer route - costs a bit more, just RMB$1.5, which is still pretty cheap. i made an effort to memorize all the buses that passed by my place so i knew the 101 would get me back. the bus actually dropped me off right in front of my building. had i known it was this easy to get to the old city and back, i would've been going every night after work!

i came home, did a load of laundry, and took a shower. i took one of those black cold tablets so i should be unconscious in less than half an hour...


nothing much happened at work. i hit my wall by 9:00, maybe the effects of all the cold medication i've been taking. luoren at one point asked me for my QQ number, said some ladies made some inquiries about me. i think he's trying to fix me up with somebody, somehow living his own bachelorhood through me.