paracetamol. pseudophedrine hydrochloride. dextromethorphan hydrobromide. diphenhydramine hydrochloride. not sure what they mean but they're all coursing through my system right now courtesy of the company clinic, after i went to go see the doctor in the afternoon asking if he could do anything about this cold i seemed to have caught (more about my clinic visit tomorrow, it's a weird story).

i took a pill about an hour ago and my head is swimming right now. i am going to pass out now, after uploading some more photos from yesterday. good night, i'll blog more tomorrow from the office during my noontime break period.


could this actually be my 3rd week of work? when i say it like that it seems like the time has gone by pretty quickly, but every week feels like 2 weeks. i woke up in the middle of the night feeling nauseous. i was afraid maybe the stinky tofu or the barbecued meat i had earlier was finally catching up to me. but the feeling passed and i went back to sleep. when i woke up to go to work, i knew i had a cold. the coughing. the runny nose. the sneezing. there was no doubt.

i bumped into yuwei this morning. she was waiting for her shuttle bus after getting some meat buns. huey took the day off, as promised. i ran into ms.yu in the coffee room and she actually said good morning. that kind of surprised me, but i think she had no choice, it was either that or make it blatantly obvious she's trying to ignore me.

in the afternoon i decided to go see the office clinic, maybe score some cold medicine. i sat down and told the doctor my symptoms. he fished around in his desk drawer and took out a plastic box with a few dusty thermometers inside and gave one to me, unsterilized. i knew it wasn't going to be rectal, but i was afraid he wanted me to put the thermometer in my mouth. he said something to me that i didn't understand, which made it even more tense. "the armpit?" i asked, pointing to my armpit. he nodded. "over the clothes?" no, he said, underneath. i unbuttoned my shirt and sat there with the thermometer sticking out of my armpit, within view of a few office cubicles outside. he sat at his desk, surfing the web like i wasn't even there. i asked him how long i had to wait. 10 minutes he told me. 10 minutes? he told me i might have air conditioning syndrome, which is a feeling of hot and cold caused my the office AC. i told him about my symptoms though, classic cold symptoms. i told him i was afraid of being contagious and infecting my coworkers. "that won't happen," he said, as if he didn't want to give me an excuse to take a sick day. "you'll take some medicine and you'll be fine." a few minutes later he asked me to take out the thermometer. "your temperature is normal, you're fine," he told me. "so i don't have a cold after all?" "no, you have a cold," he replied, adding to my confusion. "where can i go to buy some cold medicine?" i asked. the doctor told me they have supplies in the office, and went to a glass cabinet to take out a box. it looked like cough syrup, which i usually avoid. "a lot of people in the office like this medicine," he told me. he also told me it was chinese herbal medicine, but i don't really believe in. "do you have any western medicine?" i asked. he thought about it for a few moments. "you don't believe in chinese medicine? we have some western medicine as well," as he returned to the cabinet to get something else.