i spent most of the day banging away at the dell mini 10v, getting it into proper hackintosh shape. as of tonight, i've installed OS X 10.6.3 on that machine 4 times already. the initial install from last night didn't work; the second install worked almost perfectly until i decided to update OS X to 10.6.8 and that bricked the system; third install worked as well, but that was the original 160GB hard drive; i installed OS X for the fourth and hopefully last time after i upgraded the RAM (to 2GB) and the hard drive (to 1TB).

nearly everything works on the hackintosh: sound, screen brightness, multi-touch trackpad, wifi/ethernet, and webcam. the only thing that didn't work was sleep, and the machine never woke up until i was forced to reboot. the trackpad takes some getting used to: it's less than 40% the size of my macbook pro trackpad. everything is just smaller in general, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in portability. even my sister noticed, but i think she just saw the apple sticker on the back (put there by john to hide the dell logo) and assumed it was a mini apple laptop. i had to show her that not only did it look like an unreleased mini mac laptop, it actually was as well. the machine does run hot though, especially since it doesn't even have a fan, and the plastic construction doesn't lend itself to good heat dissipation. i'll have to keep an eye on it.

i'm still beat from yesterday. i went to bed at 4:30am last night (morning), the exact time i woke up earlier that day to go to the mermaid parade. i slept for about 6 hours, but that's not enough to replenish my batteries. plus i was famished, and didn't eat for nearly 20 hours (not since the KFC at penn station around 6:00pm) until my mother fixed me up some noodles in the afternoon.

today was a hot day. part of the reason why i took the motorcycle to belmont was because i didn't want to be soaked in sweat. temperature got as high as the upper 80's with humidity in the 60% range. the air conditioner was cranking at my parents' place, and when my father came home, we installed a window unit in the computer room.

when i returned home after dinner, i spent the rest of the evening upgrading the dell mini. the laptop wasn't designed to be easily disassembled, and to get access to the memory basically requires the computer to be nearly stripped down. i'd work on it in between commercial breaks as a i watched the season finale of mad men (draper gets fired!) and the killing. i used an online disassembly video as a guide. it's almost 3am and i'm waiting for OS X to finish installing before i go to bed.