i could hear the rain this morning, which gave me the incentive to sleep a bit late since i figured i wasn't going out. the window was open and a soothing cool breeze was blowing into my bedroom. it felt like forever since we had rain, but it rained last wednesday, 5 days ago. the past few days of summer-like heat probably made it seem longer than it actually was.

my mother called me to confirm what happened last night on game of thrones. as a book reader, i knew what was going to happen at the red wedding, but even then i kind of scared to see it. it did make me want to reread the third book, to see what they changed, and get a preview of next season next year.

the rain lasted until the morning, then it began to clear up. i passed the time by ordering some laptop memories. my mid-2012 macbook pro came with 4GB of memory (1600 MHz DDR3). originally i thought that was enough (my old MBP only had 3GB) but i've been noticing some slowdown whenever i have a handful of programs opened. plus, the laptop now gets hot, which could either be 1) the recent hot weather, and/or 2) dust accumulation, and/or 3) not enough memory. i ordered 8GB of new memory (2x4GB, $55.79) from newegg. once it arrives, it'll give me a chance to open up my new MBP, which i hadn't done before.

my little jar of kombucha has finally finished fermenting. it made a little scoby about 2mm thick. for the 2nd carbonation fermentation phase, i dropped a few blueberries to see what it'd taste like. i also started a new small jar of tea for the small scoby.

in the afternoon i biked to market basket to get some hot dog buns and relish for my grandmother, then went to the cafe to drop off her watch that she accidentally left at my place yesterday. afterwards i revisited cambridge city hall to pay my $20 bicycle violation. i'd never been inside city hall before, this was a first. i thought i was in the wrong place when i walked into the city clerk office, but a woman told me this was the right place, and i paid the fine in cash.

although temperature was dropping (the 70's), it was still hot because the humidity was still high. inside my house it was even hotter, since it takes a few days for the indoor temperature to catch up to the outdoor temperature.

my MGH hospital bill came for my recent broken clavicle. talk about sticker shock! for the emergency room visit, the bill was $1711.41. my visit to the orthopedist less than a week later was $1149. fortunately i have medical insurance, so the emergency room visit was just $50 and the orthopedist was $18. but how can anyone even afford to see a doctor without insurance when the retail cost for a simple visit is in the thousands of dollars?

my diet for this week will be some yogurt for lunch and a sandwich for dinner, unless i get inspired and decide to make something within the next few days.

while downloading photos from my dSLR memory card, 3 of the photos were corrupted and wouldn't download. i think this has happened at least once or twice more. i really noticed it this time because i remember reviewing the photos after i took them, so they weren't corrupt then. and these were the last 3 images, so it wasn't like some other photos overwrote on top of them. maybe it's just a fluke, but something i'll keep my eye on. perhaps the memory card itself is going bad?