the kombucha scoby is a little too big for the glass jar so it's sorted of wrinkled. in addition, there are actually 2 scoby's stacked on top of each other, and parts of the scoby is sticking out of the tea, which makes me worried that it might get moldy. also the new baby scoby that will form on the surface will have holes in it. having a pretty scoby shouldn't be my primary concern however, as long as the fermentation goes off without any problems, and it seems to be doing well, with plenty of carbon dioxide gas bubbles. i switched out the paper towel cover with a piece of cotton rag.

i had an overwhelming desire to eat something healthy for dinner. after doing some research online, i came across an asparagus and smoked salmon salad recipe that i thought was worth trying out. i bought asparagus and red leaf lettuce, 2 items i'd never purchased before. i don't know what the difference is between red leaf and regular lettuce, except it's more expensive ($1.49/head, romaine was 99¢/head) and has a different color. i also don't know the going price for asparagus, but apparently they're not cheap, selling at $3.49/lb. i ended up getting about a pound worth. the recipe also calls for pecan nuts but i got walnuts instead because they were 2x cheaper ($3.99/bag). on top of that i also got a quart of yogurt ($1.89) and a box of granola ($3). the only thing that was out of place in my healthy mix was a package of bacon ($3.29).

i had yogurt and granola for lunch. the market basket brand plain whole milk yogurt contains the following live cultures: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, which is pretty much standard for all yogurts; an unspecified variety of Bifidobacterium, L.acidophilus and L.casei (the culture in yakult drink).

i went to my community garden in the afternoon to plant some seeds: one mound of zucchini, one mound of cucumbers, and 2 mounds of acorn squash. i also did some weeding, pulling up a bunch of wild morning glory and asiatic dayflower seedlings. my garlic patch is so overgrown that the leaves are falling over each other. while trying to straighten them out, i saw the small garlic bulbs emerging from the ground. i still waiting to harvest the garlic scapes, but afterwards i may dig out some plants to eat.

not a single snapdragon from last year survived into this season. i had so many flowers though, i should at least have some seedlings, given how prolific snapdragon seeds will germinate. there are these tiny seedlings in my plot which may be snapdragons, i won't know until they get bigger. but i should really start to consider whether i want to put up some cover for my plants before the mulberries start falling, because the rotting berries will definitely bury any seedlings.

when evening came i went about making my asparagus and smoked salmon salad. instead of peppered salmon steaks ($4.99), next time i may just use canned salmon chunks instead. i only picked enough asparagus to eat, saving the rest for the rest of the week. i might've overcooked them because they tasted kind of soggy in the salad. or maybe i should've rinsed them with color water afterwards. they sort of remind me of avocados in that they don't really have a strong taste. i'm sort of impartial to asparagus, but i do know they're pretty nutritious (as are most vegetables and greens that i seem to avoid in my usual diet). the best part of the salad were the roasted walnuts. i'm tempted to begin putting roasted nuts into everything i eat because it dramatically improves everything.

i watched game 3 between the bruins and rangers (in madison square garden). the more hockey i watch, the more i'm getting into it, swear shouting at the HDTV whenever boston failed to score. bruins ended up winning, now they're up 3-0 in the series. is it time to start thinking about the finals?

when the hell is my 3D camera supposed to arrive? the original estimate was today, but the seller took so long to send it out (not until monday) that the new expected delivery date is tomorrow. i keep on checking the track number on the USPS website every few hours, waiting for the status to update, but the package is still in philadelphia.