so much for the mattress cover: after sleeping on it for less than a minute, i ended up taking everything off the bed just so i could remove the cover.

for the third straight day i went back to the christmas tree shop, this time to replace the defective 20qt stock pot. i left the old one on the service counter and went to the kitchen department to get a new box. the clerk let me open it up to check and make sure this one wasn't defective as well.

i planned on going to haymarket after eating some lunch, but my mother called me to let me know my grandmother might be taking another afternoon nap, so i should go down to the cafe as soon as possible if i wanted to catch her. after i finished my oatmeal, i went down to see my grandmother. she looked exactly the same as when i last saw her, except her hair was in patches of black, brown, and white.

i also dropped off one of my gallon glass jars (which my father said could be used for fermenting rice wine, most just to hold kombucha) plus half a dozen empty 24 oz. classico pasta jars. in the cafe basement, i found a large thick-walled stockpot which looked like it might be 5 gallons, but i think it might be aluminum, which may or may not be safe for distillation depending on who you ask. i tried to carry it back with me on the bicycle but i didn't have the right bungie cords so i left it behind.

on my way home i stopped by the community garden to water the plants.

i noticed my bike brakes weren't stopping as well as it used to, particularly the front brakes. i was just going to replace the pads but after some readjustments i had full stopping power again. while i was at it i wiped down the chain and oiled it again. the bike seems to ride better with a clean chain but that could all be just my imagination.

i went to market basket to deposit some cans and pick up a few more grocery items. after taking a shower back at home, i fell asleep on the couch for half an hour while watching the news. it was sort of cold inside the house so i used my laptop to warm me up.

for dinner, some instant noodles.