i was eager to go down to the community garden and check up on the status of my tomato plants after last night's mid-may frost warning. so after lunch, after planting my surplus hosta (in the back, near the sheep laurel bush) and irises (in the front), i went down to the garden with my spare tomato cage.

why was i even worried? my tomatoes were fine. a check of the other gardens revealed i'm not the only one with tomato plants now, at least 3 other gardeners have planted tomatoes as well, but they all seem store-bought. i pride myself in raising my vegetables and flowers from seeds.

i chatted with sharon who built a miniature brick stonehedge in her plot. she's thinking about growing some corn this season, as well as some morning glories to climb the wire fence behind her garden. she told me as a rule, here in new england, tender plants (like tomatoes) aren't planted until after memorial day.

after watering my plants, i went around to the other gardens, taking both 3D and dSLR photos of the pretty flowers. walking back, i picked up a copy of the motorcycle diary dennis had left for me on his doorstep.

originally i was going to meet up with my parents in the afternoon after work and together we'd bike down to the mt.auburn cemetery to do some birdwatching. but they drove to the cafe this morning, so we decided to postpone the trip.

i spent some time photography the 2 for-sale road bikes again. i haven't written up the postings yet, trying to figure out what angle i should advertise them as and how much to ask. at this point i just want to get rid of them, i'm willing to take any reasonable offer.

the $13 bushnell 8x21 binoculars arrived today. they feel well-made, with a rubberized metal body to give it some heft. alas, with it's paltry 21mm optics, images aren't as clear or as bright as with my 8x42 binoculars. the image quality is also a bit hazy even in bright light. they're good if you're in a pinch, or just want something small to carry. they're inexpensive, so if they break or get stolen, it's not a big deal. they make good presents for children. the neckstrap is just a thick cord that's actually embedded into the frame of the binoculars so not sure if you can replace them. i have a kenko 8x32 monocular that i sometimes bring with me when i'm naturing, and that thing is a lot clearer when compared to the 8x21.

for dinner i had some leftover pulled pork from last week. i was toasting the onion rolls and heating up the pulled pork in the microwave when i lost electricity. i played around with the GFCI outlet but couldn't get the power back. so i went downstairs to check the circuit breakers but nothing had popped. turns out the power strip i connected everything to might've burned out.