after getting a new supply of 16 oz. clear plastic cups1 (34 count $2), i planted 8 additional cucamelons and 5 korean melons (total: 17 cucamelons, 14 korean melons).

i finally put up the craig's list ad for my GMC denali road bike. 6 people responded, 2 within 15 minutes of posting. i think only one of the respondents was legitimate (everybody else were no-reply spoofs), and that guy only wanted to buy it for $50.2

after watering the front and backyard (we haven't had any significant rainfall in a few weeks3 ), i spent some quality time cleaning my bike chain. i should've just taken it off the bike and gave it a thorough rinse, but i cleaned it in situ with some triflow oil and rags.

most people i've talked to seem to be suffering from some sort of spring allergy. i seem to be fine, but occasionally in the mornings i feel some itching in my throat, and every once in a while i need to blow my nose. otherwise i'm pretty symptom-free.

an update on my moonshine project: i spent the second half of this past weekend researching moonshine. i found this video, moonshine making 101, to be really helpful. it's 45 minutes long, but everything is explained in details to make it seem pretty easy using a simple pot still. i see 2 dangers: drinking a bad batch of hooch (but that's why people throw away the initial distillation, since it contains harmful chemicals) and accidentally exploding the alcohol fumes. i just need to collect my equipment, which there aren't a lot of. the hardest part is making the copper coil but my father is pretty good with bending pipes. i also need a 5 gallon stock pot, which i can probably find at the restaurant depot. i also need a large empty water cooler bottle for fermenting the mash.

the season finale of the americans was on tonight. i already can't wait for the next season! in the end, philip and elizabeth reconcile (after she recovers from her gunshot wound). the series could've ended tonight and i would've been okay with it. i also finished watching house of cards. i was surprised by the murder in episode 11, figured this would be a political drama that eschewed violence.

1 there must've been a big party recently because all the 16 oz. clear plastic cups were sold out except for one package (which i bought). opaque 16 oz. cups were still plentiful (in either blue or red).

2 he wanted to buy a new road bike for $50, which i think is impossible (even an old road bike for $50 is pretty rare). he said he had a few contacts selling denali bikes for $50 but they were all outside of the city.

3 the last time we had significant rain fall was nearly 3 weeks ago. this is great for folks who don't like the rain, but the pollen level is starting to go off the charts.