i went down to the supermarket this morning (after a quick visit to union square to deposit my check) to pick up some soda for elias' movie marathon tomorrow. coming home, i took a detour onto calvin street in somerville to take a photo of the giant willow tree i saw a few weeks ago.

14 hours later, my electric toothbrush was still recharging, which made me nervous. is it supposed to charge for this long? maybe it's defective. the charging station draws 1.4 watts of power, which may explain why it takes so long. thankfully by noontime the blinking finally stopped, indicated fully charged.

after some granola and yogurt for lunch, i went back to the assembly square mall to get some more yarn for my mother. temperature was in the 50's, but i warmed up quickly after a few minutes of biking. coming back, i took some photos of the assembly square mall flying saucer, at least that's what a call it because i don't know what it is. i noticed a rabbit hiding in the wreckage.

after dropping off the yarn at the cafe, i returned home to do some bike work on the GMC denali, get it in selling condition. both tires were flat so i needed to replace the inner tubes. i was so afraid of exploding the tires again that i wore earplugs. while inspecting the tires, i did discover a few tiny pieces of glass and metal shavings. not sure if they were responsible for the previous leaks, but i pried them out with a knife anyway just to be safe, before fully inflating the tubes. the suggested pressure is 117 psi, but i reached about 80 psi before stopping, felt the tires were already inflated enough. afterwards i wiped down the frame with some WD40 and took some photos.

i ran into bruce outside my house. from a distance i thought he was holding a pen in his hand but turns out he was smoking and was just out getting some more cigarettes. i knew he gave up drinking recently, but apparently he seemed to have picked up a different bad habit instead.

i heated up some leftover rice & beans for dinner. afterwards i didn't so much have a craving for chocolate as i wanted to stock up before this week's sale end, so i walked down to the somerville rite aid (9 minutes) and bought some doves and some pistachios. i returned home to watching the end of happy endings followed by davinci's demons then later vice.