i managed to sleep on my side a little bit (for some variety and muscle stiffness prevention) last night but woke up early (8:00) because i needed to go to the bathroom. once i was up, there was no point in going back to sleep. let the day (wednesday) begin!

this was the first day i could use my ebay bucks (i'd saved up $1.24) so i bought a mini display port to female HDMI adapter ($3.45). after discount, it came out to $2.21.

i like using the HDTV's built-in media player, despite it's limitations of not being able to play some formats (AVI, WMV). however, i discovered last night that when it plays back certain movie files, it crops off the edges. when i try to adjust the picture size using the format button, it only gives me 3 options: original, aspect 1, and aspect 2. the difference between aspect 1 and 2 are barely noticeable, so they're pretty much the same. i'm not sure why there aren't more picture size options when playing videos through the built-in media player, since there additional size options are available when watching regular broadcast television (justified, zoom, h-fill, full, 4:3). maybe it has something to do with whether the signal is coming through the USB port or the coaxial/HDMI ports. in any case, this problem doesn't happen with the small external incredisonic HDMP i have, so in cases where i notice clipping (like on my 720p MP4 format downtown abbey episodes), i play them on the incredisonic. that device is better in most ways with the exception of photo displays: it can't read 3D MPO files. for that i need to use either the built-in media player or the built-in SD card slot.

i finally sent an invoice to client R, for the work i actually done in january. apparently their project is currently on hiatus, and i didn't want to wait any longer to get paid. the good thing is they're pretty prompt with their payment; i wouldn't be surprised to receive a check by the end of the week. the money will be good for the roof repair, which will happen the day after patriot's day.

i actually thought about taking a bike ride to the supermarket to get some groceries. sure, the shoulder still hurts, but i can extend my arm far out enough that i should be able to hold on to the handlebar. there's also nothing wrong with my grip so i can still squeeze the brake lever. but when i found out my parents were going on a food run in the afternoon, i ended up getting a ride from them. i didn't buy anything special, just some sandwich making ingredients, as well as some fruit (bananas and oranges).

i haven't played dishonored in almost 2 weeks; part of that had to do with the broken collarbone and unable to raise my left arm, but i'm a bit better now, and decided to go back to the game. there are just 2 more missions left (out of a total of 9). i'm not sure what my next gaming project will be. maybe some dead space? especially now that there's a whole trilogy to get through.

i formatted 2 of my portable external hard drives to exFAT file system (120GB and 2TB). i tried connecting both of the drives to the HDTV built-in media player but it wouldn't recognize either of them. the drives did work with the external HDMP though. i'm on episode 5 of the 2nd season of downton abbey. just can't get enough of edwardian melodrama!

when my parents came to pick me up earlier they left some soup and mantou buns. i heated up the soup for dinner, adding some rice noodles into the mix. i welcomed the return of the american on FX, each episode gets a bit more crazy, and this one was no exception.