i noticed it last night when i was taking a shower, but i have this large yellowish bruise on my chest from my left shoulder all the way down. i was beginning to wonder when there'd be bruising since i suffered a significant internal injury. it doesn't hurt when i touch it, and i'm almost disappointed it doesn't look more serious.

today was the first morning where i managed to sleep late before my mother called me at 9:30, asking me how i was going to get to belmont. unable to bike for the time being, i took the 73 bus from harvard square. the weather was warm enough that i wore a light jacket. i saw a lot of people taking advantage of the weather, men in shorts, women in skirts, and a lot of cyclists out on the road. since it was easter sunday, i also saw small groups of well-dressed people moving about, either to or from church. i ran into jack on oxford street. he asked how i was enjoying my new HDTV. i asked if he watched downton abbey, since i'm getting into it now. he told me everything goes downhill after the first season.

i arrived in belmont by 11:15. my mother fixed me a mantou sandwich and my sister was making some oven-baked french toast which i had a piece once it was done.

my mother went with my sister to the waltham ocean state job lot. having never been to one of these stores and hearing us rave about it so much, my sister was finally curious enough to go visit one herself. unfortunately, the store was closed for easter, so they came right back.

my aunt invited us to dinner in arlington. naturally my sister found some reason not to go, the pretense this time was she wasn't allowed to bring her dog. even that one time when she did go, the slightest imagined offense set her off packing (my aunt had to drive us back home that particular occasion since my sister took the car). with her peculiar anger management issues, it's better that she never comes to any of these family dinners so nobody will feel like they're walking on eggshells.

my aunt and uncle made some mexican-inspired dishes for tonight's dinner. while waiting for the food to be served, we noticed that they too had free HBO on their verizon FIOS (so it wasn't just my parents, so it wasn't like they accidentally ordered the package). dessert included a coconut flan, but because she made it from condensed milk, it was way too thick and sweet (almost like a cheesecake but infinitely sweeter).

after dinner, my parents dropped me off directly at home. i watched season finale of the walking dead followed by season premiere of game of thrones.