slowly, surely, i'm cleaning out my bedroom. last night i disassembled a cd tower that'd been hiding behind the door gathering dust. i know i can just easily digitize all my music cd's and be done with them, but there's something about the tangibility of an actual physical disc that's part of my listening experience. i moved out my wardrobe (one of those cheap light versions with wheels) and then the television as well. not much good an analog television does nowadays when i can get any reception on it. one good thing about having the desk by the window is now i have a sunny space for plants.

i set out the 8ft wire fence i got yesterday. unfortunately it's still a little bit short, and i'll need to get another set of fencing sometime this week.

i dropped off my cambridge community garden membership dues ($15) on wendell street before arriving in belmont. after a short rest, i took off to the town center to drop of membership dues for the belmont victory garden ($50). i wonder downstairs to ask if they had any recycle bins. the woman i talked to was very surly for some reason. in cambridge bins are free but apparently they cost $5 each in belmont.

throughout my ride across belmont i saw signs for the belmont high school performance of the perennial theatrical favorite grease. more than 2 decades ago my graduating high school class did grease as our senior class play. i had a minor part as both a greaser and a square, the only time i've ever dabbled in the performing arts. i'm kind of tempted to see what this new generation of kids are doing with it.

it got surprisingly cold by the time i rode home, a combination of the moisture collected during the daytime evaporation of snow plus some strong winds. it wasn't that bad once i got riding.

when i checked my potted containers this morning i saw a few seedlings. back at home, i hung up my fluorescent lights and moved the plants into the closet. a lot of zinnias have germinated, half of the calendulas, and a single cherry tomato.

i sampled a bit of comcast's watchathon week with some episodes of game of thrones. although i appreciate the effort, it still doesn't make up for how expensive comcast still is.