my father just happened to be in the area so he gave me a ride late this morning to belmont. plus when he gives me a ride back to cambridge, i could finally move my sister's unwanted desk to my house.

today was hailey's birthday, or so says my sister, since nobody really knows the exact day the dog was born on. my sister was cooking all day (mostly baking in the toaster oven) - not food for humans, but treats for dogs - which is kind of scary and sad at the same time. this is all for hailey's birthday party tomorrow, which she having at a friend's house (with other dogs), with bags full of goodies and balloons and banners. like i said, scary and sad.

while cleaning out the back of the honda element to make room for the desk, i found the folding pruning saw in one of the side pockets. it's almost identical to the fiskars saw i bought last monday, except this one's green. i'm trying to remember where i bought that saw in the first and i think i got it from lowe's at some point. later my father and i loaded up the desk, padded with a moving blanket and a pillow to keep the furniture pieces from banging into each other.

after dinner i got a ride back to cambridge, where my father and i moved the desk into my house. i was just going to leave it in the living room for the time being, but in a fit of furniture rearranging energy, i cleared out my bedroom desk and swapped it with the new desk. the new layout has the desk up against the window and with me sitting with my back to the door, which i don't really like. i'll see how it works out but i may rearrange once more later on.

i really don't need a new desk. the old one that i had, the way it was arranged, was fine with me. this new arrangement does make the bedroom seem a bit bigger though. and i love rearranging furniture, even though you wouldn't know it from looking at my place, where everything has pretty much been the same for the past decade. but this could be the year of rearrangement, which first started when i repositioned my sofa.