throughout the day, every so often there'd be a flurry outside, but nothing enough to stick. i checked off a few items from my to-do list, including: calling harvard square eyecare to schedule a routine eye exam for tomorrow afternoon; bring up my 4 fluorescent lights from the basement for the eventual grow closet; replace the inner tube of the front wheel of the trek 850 when i saw the patch didn't take the tire had gone flat again; and spent more than an hour in the basement sorting out a bunch of junk that can be thrown away (old 13" sony trinitron television, a couple of desktop PC cases, an old bread machine) and stacking the piles of wood.

organizing the wood was the worst; for some reason we have all these wooden boards just sitting on the basement floor stacked against one of the walls. this is a terrible idea because it could attract termites. so i organized some of the wood into these elevated ceiling brackets that the previous owner had built. it's pretty disorganized and i'll need another day to finish cleaning up everything. i also swept the dust from the floor, which was a terrible idea, because i ended up breathing in some of that stuff into my lungs and for the rest of the day i was coughing.

a package arrived in the mail: 3 mini-compasses ($1.17) i ordered less than 2 weeks ago. they arrived from singapore, which was a surprise, because they were supposed to come from a china factory, or maybe hong kong. these mini-compasses are pretty cheap, and you can get a whole bunch and pretty much stick them anywhere if you're afraid of getting lost. the ones that i got come on a lanyard so i can attach it to a zipper. having a compass won't keep you from getting lost though: it'll just tell you what direction you're getting lost at.

after finishing the return to the tower mission in dishonored, i went back to the hound pits where i was soon betrayed by my fellow conspirators. i had a feeling they were shady, now i can look forward to exacting my revenge. in the tower i ended up killing the royal interrogator as well as an overseer with a wolfhound. i could've put the overseer to sleep because his back was towards me while he was praying in some sort of shrine, but these are tough enemies and i panicked and shot him in the head with a bolt; because i had the shadow kill ability, the overseer immediately turned to dust. i also had to kill his wolfhound, which doesn't count as a killed hostile in the final tally. at one point an overseer with a wolfhound discovered my cache of unconscious guards i'd hidden in the bathroom. he stood there for several minutes, never alerting the other guards, before simply leaving. i neutralized him and his pet with some sleep darts.

for lunch i had some chicken sausage oatmeal. at some point in the late afternoon i ate one of my blueberry muffins. i finished my leftover risotto for dinner.