8" of snow fell overnight, changing into rain by morning. i went out and shoveled twice, once to clear the snow from the sidewalk and dig a path into the backyard, a second time to clear the layer of slush that'd fallen (before it turns into ice), dig out the signpost across the street (where i normally park my bike), and clean the snow from 3 floors of backyard deck. it was the kind of heavy wet snow that makes for rough shoveling, but the fact that it clumped together actually made it easier to remove. it's funny too, my upstairs neighbors are never here when it snows, once again they're gone for the week. this record season of snow i've actually shoveled every single one with no help from them. i also need to get a new shovel at some point, the one i was using today had a loose handle that twists whenever i try to lift a pile of snow.

after a month, the male-female USB 3.0 extension cable finally arrived from china. i haven't used it yet so i'm reserving my ebay feedback until i do, but i don't except any problems.

i left the house one more time to stock up on some dorito chips and ice cream from star market.

i finally finished the royal physician level in dishonored. another mission accomplished with a low overall chaos level. i am however disappointed that somebody discovered one of the unconscious bodies i'd hidden. that probably explained why i didn't get a ghost ranking on this level.

for lunch i had a salmon lox bagel, then i had some pizza rolls for a snack in the late afternoon. i was going to make some risotto, but when i looked in my cupboard i realized i didn't have any chicken broth, so risotto will have to wait. instead i heated up some chicken corn chowder from a can and made some blueberry muffins. i ate two muffins while watching splash, the new ABC diving show.