as early as the housewarming barbecue back in september, andrew was talking about a snow-b-q during the winter. unfortunately for him it seemed at the time that the march event would be lacking in snow since most of it seemed to have already melted. that was of course before the unexpected snowstorm that dropped about a foot of snow on thursday-friday.

my original plan prior to the snowstorm was to bike down to newton via the charles river bike path. although long (at least 45 minutes for a 7 mile course), it would've been a leisurely ride along mostly dedicated paths. with the snow however, my travel plans changed. most the bike paths would be buried in snow and riding in the streets would be too stressful not to mention more dangerous with the snow pileups. so i decided to ride to my parents' place via my usual route and borrow their car.

i got to belmont around 1:00 and hung around until almost 3:00 before i left for the snow-b-q. i brought a case of pomegranate seltzer and two packages of chinese sausages my parents had bought earlier from chinatown. conditions were perfect: a good layer of snow from the day before, but with temperature in the 40's. i hung out outside for most of the time, never once taking off my jacket.

andrew didn't light the grills until 4:30. most of the men hung around outside, which seemed like a very guy thing to do. everyone was married, nearly everyone had children. i was the odd man out, until kwame made a surprise appearance. i hadn't seem kwame probably since andrew and maura's wedding back in 2007. i didn't know he relocated to washington dc almost a year ago, and was only back in town for the weekend for a friend's father's funeral.

close to 6:00 i finally went inside to have a hamburger. there i remained by the dining table until nearly 9:00 before i left. after dropping off the car back at my parents' place (the watertown-newton line is confusing, i got a bit lost but still managed to find my way to watertown center), i biked back to cambridge. david wasn't home (out at the bach concert) but i noticed he took his bike. i took a hot shower and finished the evening with some dishonored.