it was surprised to see some snow outside this morning. i was expecting it to be more of a rain event. it wasn't just light snow either, but big fluffy chunks. david didn't leave for MIT until 11:00, opting for the convenience of public transportation instead of risking to bike to work. after he left, i ate the leftover piece of spanish omelette for lunch before going outside and shoveling the half inch of slush from the sidewalk and the backyard.

i played some dishonored today. something about these video games that occasionally give me a headache, like the sort of feeling when i get motion sick. i tried to be stealthy but i only managed to subdue 3-4 enemies with non-lethal force while killing all the rest. i'm not so good at creeping around and i always end up getting detected.

george - my one lone craig's list HDTV buyer - didn't contact me at all today. i didn't want to seem desperate so i didn't get in touch with him either. hopefully he'll get in touch with me tomorrow, but i'm not going to stress over it. worst case scenario, i don't sell the television this week, but i'll try to get rid of it some other time, maybe with a price reduction. i don't even have HD cable yet, so i'm not in any hurry to upgrade to HDTV service.

so it kept on snowing throughout the day, and will continue to do so into the evening and all the way until tomorrow morning. so this rain event will now look to be a considerable amount of snow, with estimates between 6-10".

i heated up a dozen pizza rolls for dinner, before having a sandwich. david didn't come home until almost midnight. he said he left the lab around 10:00, but hooked up with some coworkers to go get a drink. he didn't eat yet so he made some quick dinner before going to bed.