a windy and wet day, just a prelude to the main storm that's arriving later tonight. david went to the lab late, around 11:00. after he left, i moved my bicycle into the basement since i'm not anticipating using it for the next few days.

i haven't heard anything about my craig's list posting since monday. fearing a limited used HDTV buyers market, i ended up getting in touch with george who wanted the panasonic for $250 (a total bargain price by the way, since its easily worth more than that despite the age). he was still interested and we made an appointment in the evening for him to come by and buy the HDTV. but the thing i'm afraid of is a prospective buyer who's nothing more than somebody who gets off on pretending to buy something but never showing up. i don't know why i'd think this having never really sold anything on craig's list before, but i think i've heard stories from other sellers when i've gone to pick up my purchases.

i ended up asking george for a phone number i could call under the pretense of if i needed to reach him in case my schedule changed. the number he gave me was a NYC number though, and when i google searched it, it came up with a bunch of different names and businesses, which made me think it was a fake number, but with so many people in NYC, phone numbers must get recycled a lot so it might be pretty normal. plus, when i googled george, there was a match for a columbia computer science graduate student. weird thing was he didn't ask for my number, although i did volunteer my address.

george was supposed to come around 7:30-8:00, but wrote me an e-mail at 7:50 saying he couldn't get out of work and won't be able to make it tonight. so i still don't know if this guy is real or not. since he's not picking up the HDTV this evening, it gives my ad a bit more time to attract additional buyers, although i don't think there will be anymore.

for dinner i made a simple turkey cheese sandwich. when david came home by 10:00, he said i could've had some leftover spanish omelette (i'll eat that tomorrow for lunch). we watched a new episode of the americans, which david said is one of his favorite new shows. i showed david how to use my washer/dryer and he did a load of laundry.