i was already asleep by the time david returned home last night so i woke up earlier (normally he's already off to work by the time i get up). i spent the morning taking a few more photos of the HDTV. david left before noontime to visit a friend in arlington who recently had a baby. i made my way to belmont with a heavy backpack strapped to my back.

even though i already had some blueberry-granola-yogurt before i arrived, my mother still made me some rice noodle soup for lunch. i played some dishonored, tweaked the interface so i could have a wider FOV and toggle the HUD for screen captures. in a game that caters to the stealth play, i've made a real mess in the first stage, killing nearly all my opponents instead of just temporarily incapacitating them.

back at the house, david came back shortly after i got home. i was in the bathroom and all i heard was the rolling of a heavy suitcase. he went to a friend's house to retrieve some of the things he left behind when he returned to spain back in november. he still had to return to MIT and turn off the furnace and retrieve the bike. he didn't get back until almost 11:30 because he accidentally locked himself out of the office and had to wait forever for the campus police to arrive to let him back inside.

i had a little scare with the HDTV: i wanted to upgrade the firmware, so i downloaded the files from panasonic, put it on an SD card, and loaded it into the television. when i clicked to upgrade the firmware, the television went black, then eventually the power went off. i waited a few minutes to give the update some time, but then started to think something went wrong. i tried turning the television back on with the remote and it didn't work, and using the power button on the television did nothing either. so in trying to update an HDTV that was working just fine and didn't need it, i needlessly ended up bricking the whole television. finally i pulled the plug and stuck it back in. i tried the power and after a few agonizing seconds, it finally did turn back on. i don't think it updated but i'm not willing to risk it again.

after that crisis, i finally posted the HDTV for sale on craig's list. selling on craig's list is a little like fishing. i'm not quite sure if anyone is even going to buy what i'm selling, and even if do get a nibble of interest, something they don't bite. but i can see how it can become addictive. i'm still waiting for my first sell.

i watched the latest episode of the walking dead on AMC followed by the premiere of vikings on the history channel. HC seems to be finally shedding its image as the "nazi channel" in exchange for what seems like the extreme historical violence channel. vikings was okay but i think would've preferred a documentary instead. later, when david came home, we caught a repeat of the history channel's other big premiere of the night, the bible miniseries, featuring extreme recreation of bible tales. the premiere episode featured abraham's sacrifice, sodom, and moses. i'm not sure who the target audience is, but i guess anyone who likes angels dressed up as futuristic gladiators and a double-sword-wielding asian angel who uses kung-fu to slay the people of sodom (no lie). it's a great show to watch with a crowd because it's ripe for ridicule.