our relative binbin recently moved to lexington. she had a new leather couch that she couldn't sell nor would it fit in her new place so she asked if my parents wanted it to replace their old leather couch. i was supposed to help them move it this morning but my aunt and uncle volunteered so my service wasn't needed.

nonetheless, i went to belmont in the morning, figuring i'd meet them when they arrived back at the house and help move in the couch. we had a total of 5 people so we had more than enough manpower. unfortunately, my father is more about brute force than finesse, and ended up not only scratching up the house to get the couch inside, but also ripping up the corners of the new couch. if only he were just a little bit more careful, all this unnecessary property destruction could've all been avoided. the secret was to remove the front door and the closet door from their hinges (as well as a hallway light fixture), but we figured that out too late.

for lunch i had some rice noodles then played some bioshock 2 the rest of the afternoon. there are 9 levels in the game i'm already at fontaine futuristic, which is the 7th level. it's a short game which can be extended through the online multiplayer option which i'm not interested. i just want to plow through the rest of the game and then erase it from my hard drive to clear up 10GB of space.

i checked the package tracking on my broken HDTV circuit board: apparently today it already arrived in portage michigan, even though the original estimate was for monday. unfortunately i don't think the repair company is opened on weekends, so the board won't get fixed just yet. but hopefully i can get a working board by early next week. not that i'm in a rush to enjoy HDTV, but i just want to clear the dining table so i can use it again.1

my father insisted in giving me a ride back to cambridge, but i was determined to bike back on my own. it'd been raining in the early evening, but now it was a mixture of freezing rain and snow. every once in a while a piece of sleet would strike my eyeballs. eventually my glasses were so covered up with slush that they were beginning to fog up and i could hardly see. when i got to my house, i heard somebody calling my name in the darkness. "who's there? i can't see you," i called back. turned out it was ed, who gave me a pair of used skiis. "i figured they might fit you, but if not, you can toss them," he told me.

so i clumsily pushed my bike along with the skiis into my backyard. the rear brakes were acting kind of funny, like they were stuck, but in the dark with my fogged up glasses i couldn't tell what was going on so i rolled the bike in the basement and decided to inspect it another time.

after a hot shower, i played a bit more bioshock 2.

1 i found out how much the HDTV weighs (from the manual): 92.6 lb. it doesn't seem like a lot, but it's not something i can lift on my own. it also consumes a maximum of 580W, which is pretty typical for a television of that size.