with the 3rd consecutive snowstorm on the 3rd weekend arriving tomorrow night, the supermarkets were beginning to fill up with customers. i went to market basket to grab some arborio rice and resisted the urge to stock up anything more (like bread and milk). i then went to harvard square to get some packaging tape. i'd forgotten that there's a small staples there, better than riding the 1.5 miles down to the fresh pond staples.

i did a little more cleaning as the day of my roommate's arrival draws near. i put back all the screws from the disabled HDTV so they wouldn't be lying around a get lost. i ended up with 2 extra screws though, hopefully once i put everything back (including a newly fixed SC board) i'll figure out where those extra screws go.

i watched the spanish horror/thriller film blind alley (2011). if you're even remotely interested in the movie, don't watch the trailer (the one i saw basically revealed the entire ending). just know it's about a young and pretty aspiring dancer (ana de armas) who works as a maid in a hotel. forced to use a sketchy empty 24-hour laundromat when her own washer breaks down, a handsome stranger comes and saves her from a seemingly dangerous homeless person fishing for loose change. it's actually pretty good, with high production value (unlike the slow of low-budget horror movies currently saturating the market that seems to be shot on video). i'd totally recommend it if you're a fan of spanish horror.

i installed dishonored on my windows 7 bootcamp partition and played a little bit. there's this whole stealth component that i'm not very good at. i can do reckless hacking and shooting, but to sneak up on an enemy and choke him unconscious, that's difficult. the first stage of the game was to escape from jail. i ended up making a real mess of it, "accidentally" killing nearly all the guards. then in the sewers i encountered bands of killer rats. nasty!

Iva Frühlingová - "La Muerte"