armed with my new 400-800-firewire adapter that arrived yesterday, i started the final round of data transfer between my old MBP and my new MBP. the dongle ($4.15) worked great, i was able to restart my old computer in target disk mode and the new machine saw it without any problems. i've had USB and eSATA fail on me during transfers, but i've never had a single problem with firewire. too bad not more devices support it.

the other part of my day was doing some cleaning in preparation for my new roommate's arrival sunday evening. he's only here for 2 weeks so i don't have to do too much, i'm not even sure if he's going to be doing any cooking during the short time that he's here. i've been thinking: i make more in a single 8-hour day of doing freelance programming work than i do having a roommate for 2 weeks. unfortunately my work isn't very steady, and it's a lot easier renting out my spare bedroom, especially if it's an easy roommate. but definitely if i can get more work, i wouldn't need to share my house anymore since i really don't make that much money doing it anyway.

in the early afternoon i went to rite aid to pick up some cough drops then market basket for some groceries. i'm entirely uninspired when it comes to figuring out what i'm going to make for dinner this week. i bought a package of italian sausages for possibly some risotto, but i may be missing a few other ingredients (broccoli and cheese, now i remember). i'll probably need to come back again later in the week.

back at home, i washed the salt off my bike with a large bucket of warm water. if you love bicycles, seeing the amount of salt on my trek will probably make you cringe. new england winters are tough on bikes. but i like to think i keep my bike in relatively good shape. i've replaced virtually every single part at this point, and i'm sensible enough to at least wash the salt off.

i locked the bike out on my backyard deck instead of putting it in the basement. i knew rain was coming but i figured it might give my bike another rinse. temperature today was a little weird in the upper 40's, but by tomorrow everything will go back to freezing again.

i waited until evening before playing a few hours of bioshock 2. i'm not going to get caught up like i did last night and play until 3:30. for dinner i made a simple ham-mayo-wheat-lettuce-cheese sandwich with a side of salad (lettuce-carrots). not too fancy but i like to think it's at least mildly healthy.

i also finally tried out the usb3.0-esata adapter. as advertised, it's able to mount more than one hard drive with its multiplier functionality. it's pretty fast, i copied 30GB worth of data in about 12 minutes. unfortunately it has a greedy form factor design, and takes up enough space when connected that i can't use the other USB 3.0 port on my MBP. that of course made me think about getting an USB 3.0 hub, but i just recently got a USB 2.0 hub and think i can probably live with the inconvenience for the time being, or at least when the cheapest 3.0 hub drops below $30.