i ran into paul and steve this morning. they told me the roof is still leaking, and steve wondered if it's a small burst pipe inside the wall, because it's been dripping steadily for weeks despite a lack of tremendously rainy or snowy weather.

temperature today was 28°, which seemed downright balmy compared to the past few days where we had temperature in the teens. nevertheless, i still stacked my layers, better to be warm than cold.

for lunch i had some chinese carrot cakes and miniature panini sandwiches.

i was going to turn the compost piles in my parents' backyard but sections had solidified into frozen clumps so i have to wait for them to thaw a little bit. i wonder if it's bad for the compost to be frozen like that? but it wasn't like the piles were churning with decomposition. at this rate i don't know if the compost will be ready for the raised beds come springtime gardening season.

i watched the heat-celtics game at 1:00, significant because it was the first time ray allen was back in boston as a member of the heat. it was a great game, went into double overtime, before boston beat miami. the victory was bittersweet however, since during halftime it was announced that rajon rondo's season was over due to an ACL tear he suffered in his last game. to be honest, it wasn't like the celtics were heading for a championship run, not with their inconsistent playmaking. but if they can beat miami with rondo, who's to say they can't repeat this 4 more times in the playoffs?

returning to cambridge after dinner, i dressed the part of a construction worker, with my puffy jacket, my hoodie, and my reflective safety vest (your typical construction guy outfit, all that was missing was some work boots). i wondered if cars passing me by though maybe i was a steelworker late for my night shift?

i spent the evening watching the SAG awards. i was surprised jennifer lawrence beat jessica chastain for best actress in a motion picture. i was also surprised that argo won for best motion picture ensemble, which is another indication how out of touch the academy is for not nominating ben affleck. any downton abbey winning for best ensemble in a tv drama? i would've sworn that one was going to either breaking bad, homeland, or mad men.

my DIY vent extender was a little tall (high enough to touch the bottom of the couch), so i trimmed it by half. i ran into problems when i cut off the ends of the cardboard trays, which basically provided structural support, so naturally the trays fell apart. i had to fuse them back together with tape, but now i can see why not too many people go with this solution.