next week is going to be busy as twin clients circle my schedule, marking my time with impending deadlines (wednesday and friday). everything looks doable this far out but by midweek maybe my tune will change. i was deep into programming for client N today, trying to squeeze out some code to show them some video effects so they can decide whether to send me the rest of the content or go in a different direction. both projects for either clients are about 70-80% finished by this point, it's mostly wrapping up the pieces and giving them some polish.

i should've taste tested my kimchee earlier but it seems like i didn't add enough salt so my fermenting cabbage tastes bland. so i dumped everything out into a mixing bowl for the 3rd time and added about 2 tbsp of fine salt. salting seems like an art, it's either too salty or not salty enough, it's hard to get it just right.

when the weather gets this cold, it's actually an opportunity to get creative and make use of the elements. i made some colored ice cube tiles, waiting for the next snowstorm so i can decorate a snow pile with some color mosaics.

a few more camera accessories arrived in the mail today: some screen protector stickers and a camera pouch. the pouch is a lowepro melbourne 10 ($5) and it's a little snug. actually, very snug, but the neoprene fabric stretches a bit so the ZS20 will just barely fit inside. as for the screen protector ($5.50 for a set of 3), i always have the hardest time put them on, either it stick it on slightly crooked, so i get some dust tapped underneath. this time it was the dust, nothing i can do about it other than putting on a new sticker.

i finally finished the last of my turkey tonight, along with some very old lettuce. earlier i had some carrots with s guacamole humus dip that left my really gassy afterwards. at least it was healthy!