the best thing to do on a cold cold day is to stay indoors if possible. so why did i have an overwhelming urge to go outside then? but i didn't go outside, only got as far as the doorstep when my father stopped by on his way to the supermarket to pick up the yarn i bought for my mother yesterday.

maybe it's the amateur scientist in me obsessed with measurements, but i have clocks and thermometers all over the house. depending on where you are, whether you're next to a heating vent, or against one of the poorly insulated walls, the indoor temperature can fluctuate between 57°F and 64°F. the sole exception is the bathroom, where with its tight space and behind closed door the temperature can sore up to 75°F. that's why my favorite place in the house during the winter is the bathroom. i don't have a thermometer in the guest bedroom, but it's probably similar to the bathroom as well.

i suppose i didn't make any kimchee all last year because it's one of those things that's best made when there aren't any roommates around (i only had 2 months where i was roommateless). why? because kimchee smells. i wouldn't say the whole house reeks of fermenting cabbage but it's definitely in the air. this is just day one. i have to let it sit for 2 more days before it can go in the fridge. at this rate i'll have jars ready by the weekend.

i continued working on client N's project. i have an internal deadline tentatively scheduled for wednesday, which leaves me plenty of time. that's good, because client R got in touch with me today, finally some more content (although i haven't received them yet). the impression i get is the original deadline for the first week of february is probably going to slide. if not, i still got about a week to get their stuff done, which is doable.

found another useful feature on the ZS20: AF tracking. once a subject is acquired, the camera continuously autofocuses and tracks it. what's cool about it is i can see the target crosshair moving around the LCD display, following the subject. it's pretty smart, but can lose sight of the subject if the background is busy, either breaking the AF tracking or tracking the wrong subject. combined with the 5fps rate, it can shoot a long sequence of photos where it follows a moving subject.

for lunch i ate the leftover noodles my father dropped off when he picked up the yarn. it wasn't anything special, and i added some spicy sauce to make it more appetizing. for dinner i made myself a simple turkey sandwich with some leftover ingredients (rye bread, weeks old lettuce).