today would've been a good day to go outside, an unseasonably spring-like day (temperature close to 60's) in the middle of our new england winter. so of course i spent the entire day inside. i did a load of laundry and did some work for client R in the late afternoon into the evening. nothing for client N but they did send me some graphics so i can start working on it this week as well.

i've been trying to figure out the actual speeds of my various SDHC memory cards. on the mac i used blackmagic disk speed test (downloaded through the app store) before i switched over to the pc and tried crystal disk mark. according to CDM my sandisk ultra 32gb class 10 microSDHC card has a sequential read speed of 18.75 MB/s but a sequential write speed of 10.18 MB/s. the ridata 8gb class 6 SDHC card had a sequential read of 18.56 MB/s and write of 17.35 MB/s. the ridata is just faster, which goes to show you that brands don't really matter, and neither do the class designation.

for dinner i cooked up some chinese noodles mixed with a spice packet and some pickled radish and scallions with a side of smoked mussels. i was going to get some groceries earlier but i couldn't think of anything i wanted to make so i postponed the trip until tomorrow.

i didn't realize until later in the evening that i had a package waiting for me on my doorstep: a 2 port firewire expresscard for my father, a tilex tile and grout cleaner pen (i only got it so i could reach $25 for free amazon shipping), and a box of candy cigarettes. there are 24 packages in a box, but only 10 "cigarettes" per package (that comes out to about 3¢ per cigarette). i never noticed it before but there are some strange ingredients like tapioca and beef gelatin (i guess they're not vegetarian).

i've been on a mini spending spree recently, and the corybantic consumerism continues. i couldn't help myself and got another memory card, the exact same sandisk ultra 32gb class 10 but an SDHC ($24.96) instead of a microSDHC. this is another one of those life lessons because i want to know for certain if the memory card speed issue is because of the SHDC/microSDHC difference, or maybe something else. i also got a USB hub (belkin usb 2.0 4-port hub in white, $13.75): i'm tired of having to play musical chairs with my keyboard/mouse/usb drives whenever i'm working on my laptop from my bedroom office.