playoff season. my day was spent basically waiting around to watch the 2 football games: seahawks vs. falcons and of course texans vs. patriots. after my mother made some lunch, she left with my sister to go shopping. i was asked to load the laundry into the dryer when the washer finished its wash.

weatherwise, today was a weird day. the temperature started out in the 40's but became progressively warmer as the day wore on, until it was in the 50's by evening. i was out in the backyard with the dog, testing out the video shooting capability on the 60D and turning the compost heaps with a small pitchfork.

i discovered last night that the reason why i have a hard time shooting videos with my 60D is probably because of the memory card. i thought i got a pretty fast card: a 32gb sandisk ultra class 10 microSDHC. however, when i shoot videos, the camera seems like it's chugging and more often than not it'll stop the video because it's not saving fast enough. but when i tried an 8gb ridata class 6 SDHC card (supposedly slower), i didn't get any saving errors. i think it has something to do with the fact that i use a microSDHC card with an SDHC adapter. something gets lost in translation and i end up not being able to save as fast. i tried my mother's 32gb class 10 microSDHC card (with an adapter) as well (actually it used to be mine, but when i borrowed her camera, i never bothered taking back the memory) and i got memory issues too. so now i'm in the market for a fast SDHC memory card.

the seahawks-falcons game seemed like a blowout. seattle was completely ineffective and ended the half with the score at 0-20. the second half was a different story, as the seahawks slowly crawled back from mediocrity and actually took a 1 point lead with 30 seconds left in the game. unfortunately that was enough time for atlanta to get within field goal range and kick a 3-pointer to eventually win the game.

i had more vested interest in the texans-patriots game. new england blew out houston so thoroughly in the regular season that i was afraid the patriots would underestimate their opponent and could potentially lose. the game didn't start out very well, with houston almost scoring a touchdown from the initial kick return (they only managed 3 points) and the patriots losing 2 key players: rob gronkowski and danny woodhead. woodhead had an unspecified thumb injury with didn't seem that serious, but it looked like gronkowski rebroke his left arm and is done for the rest of the season. once new england scored a touchdown minutes later, they never gave up the lead.

the texans-patriots game coincided with the golden globes red carpet event, so i was torn as to what to watch. i ended up watching the red carpet, occasionally switching back to game, but it seemed like the patriots would win so i was too worried. after dinner i quickly raced home so i could watch some more red carpet and the 4th quarter of the game.

i was pretty sweaty by the time i made it back (in probably 15 minutes) so i took a quick shower before continuing with my television watching.

i saw the golden globes while working on my latest hollow book project. things were okay initially, but i realized i was carving at a slant the deeper i went. i should've cut from the other side as soon as i got halfway down into the pages. it's still a functional hollow book but it may not look as pretty inside. this is the deepest hollow book i've ever made, i don't know the exact pages, but it looks to be double in thickness compared to the 2 other hollow books i crafted a while back. i'm looking to smooth out the inner walls a bit more before i put on the final wash of glue to secure the pages.

the biggest surprise at the golden globes was the love for ben affleck and argo, winning best director and best picture. i guess the love was spread around, with daniel day-lewis winning best actor for lincoln and jessica chastain for best actress in zero dark thirty. day-lewis gave a weird acceptance speech, you figured a man so articulate on-screen would be very well-spoken in real life, but the speech was peppered with awkward pauses, which made me think maybe he doesn't have his own personality and that he's just a human shell that takes on the persona of the role he happens to be playing for lack of any self-identity. the golden globes is funny in that it treats dramatic films and comedic/musical films as 2 separate categories with their own sets of best movie/actor/actress awards. les misérables won best film and actor (hugh jackman) in that group, with anne hathaway winning for best supporting actress as well (there's no separate arrangement for supporting roles). i don't know how it'll translate come oscar time. jodie foster received the lifetime achievement award. her date seemed to be mel gibson, who by now has pretty much no friends in hollywood except for foster.