another full day of work. i did leave the house around lunchtime to get a few things from rite aid (chocolate, pond facial cream, altoids) and a jar of furikake from the korean supermarket in union square. here's something else i bought there: canned silkworm pupae! i couldn't believe it when i saw it on the shelves. it wasn't just a one-off thing, there were actually 3 different brands of insect eggs! i couldn't resist, i just had to get a can to try out. not that insect pupae is anything new to me, i've had them before in my traveling days. i remember they're slightly crunching on the outside and soft (like mayonnaise) on the inside.

i've got architectural vision now, i can't stop seeing romanesque buildings where ever i go. i've seen that prospect hill congregational church a bunch of times, it's an impressive structure in union square, and i've even been inside a few times, but today was the very first time i saw it for what it was, a richardsonian romanesque style church (now condos).

built in 1887 by henry squarebridge mckay (an architect that i can't find any additional information about online), it was founded by hp hood of hood milk fame.

i continued working until 4:00, before firing off an e-mail to the client basically let them know i was done for the time being and needed more content to proceed further. minutes later i got a reply, saying content would be forthcoming by the end of tomorrow. that essentially lets me off the hook for friday (provided i don't get the assets anytime sooner). maybe i can take a ride into the city, get some food in chinatown, buy some cheap produce.

i got a notice from amazon.com today, informing me that my trade-in textbook was accepted and that $68.71 would be deposited to my amazon account. i'm actually kind of surprised, because the book i sent them didn't exactly match their criteria for a good condition book. for instance, the binding was on the verge of falling apart, and there was some writing on the inside, all no-no's. but it passed their tests so now i'm nearly $70 richer. it was really easy, everything was paid for, i never had to talk to a live person, the hardest part was just packaging up the book for delivery, but fortunately i have a bunch of spare boxes lying around and plenty of packaging tape. i'm going to put that money into the purchase of a new panasonic ZS20, just as soon as the price goes down (now that the ZS30 just out at CES 2013).

i can't believe the oscars snubbed kathryn bigelow for a best director nod. i was also surprised ben affleck didn't get one either because argo generated a lot of positive buzz, but more surprised about bigelow. i was sure she had a good chance of winning her second consecutive oscar.

with the flu outbreak that seems to be all over the news, i'm starting to become paranoid about catching it. i'm actually feeling a bit achy right now and i wonder if it's because of the virus or maybe working too hard. since i hardly ever go out, my immune system hasn't been tested. it's like i'm the boy in the bubble, and as soon as i go outside, i'm going to be sick.