it's funny how much i can get done without interruptions like a client meeting or a dentist appointment. i basically worked from the moment i got up this morning until 6:00. client R's really getting their money's worth today! my internet service did go down for about half an hour in the late morning. i called comcast, an automated message said they were aware of the problem and was working to fix it. i think it had something to do with 2 brief blackouts that also happened around that time. i was tempted to go outside and take a break (maybe visit more romanesque buildings!) but hunkered down and stayed working. i'm actually waiting for client R to get in touch with me asking for a status update; this lack of communication is worrisome, but no news is good news i'm hoping. i'm not even sure what the official due date is for the next revision, but i'm shooting for the end of the week, so i don't have to worry about it over the weekend.

the snow melt continues with another 40's degree day. by the weekend it's supposed to peak in the 50's, hopefully get rid of all this snow. a nice rainstorm wouldn't be bad either, wash away all the salt on the road.

did anyone else catch stars in danger: the high dive on FOX? the premise is to gather a bunch of D-list celebrities, train them to high dive, and watch the ensuing drama pan out. but essentially it's just an excuse to ogle a lot of scantily-clad men and women, especially the men who were all buff and wore nothing but a speedo (the women at least had one pieces on). thankfully it was only a one-time special, but the word on the street is ABC has a similar diving show scheduled to air on march.

is it sad that all i want to do is brush my teeth, get into bed, and read my book? books actually. the kindle allows me to jump around from one to another when i get bored with any particular one book. i've been alternating amongst madeline ashby's vN, chuck chuck palahniuk's haunted, and joe hill's horns. i kind of want to get back into non-fiction, novels seem like a lot of work for very little reward (and i don't learn anything along the way either).

speaking of brushing my teeth, my recently-filled molar hurt a little bit yesterday. not crazy pain, but the sort of sensitivity that made me think maybe the new filling was too close for comfort to a nerve. anyway, it was just a temporary thing, today it's much better, eating back to normal!