almost exactly 10 years ago i was a witness to the civil marriage between dan and cymara. it happened in brighton center, even though dan and cymara were living at allston at the time. afterwards we got some coffee at the mirror cafe. since their 10th year anniversary was coming up and they just happen to be in town (normally they'd be in brazil), cymara thought it'd be a nice idea if we could all have breakfast there again, to recreate that moment.

so they came to pick me up this morning around 9:30. they rented a big SUV and cymara was driving while dan was in charge of navigation with the aid of a GPS. after a few minutes i was able to override the GPS and give cymara my own directions to brighton center.

we were afraid that the mirror cafe might've gone out of business but i checked online the night before to make sure it was still there. the most memorable thing about that place were the transparent red curtains that filtered the morning sunlight and turned the whole place red. unfortunately those curtains were gone. the exact place where they got married was no longer there as well. the building remained, but the business (a photo studio) and the residing justice of the peace were all gone.

i ordered a large breakfast combo of french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries, and a hot chocolate. dan and cymara must've noticed i don't seem to have any portion control when it comes to my food choices and asked if i exercise at all to maintain my svelte figure. they ended up treating me to breakfast.

cymara drove dan back into copley square where he still had to go to work for the rest of the day. i was kind of slow and should've opted to take the 86 bus back into harvard square from brighton center but by the time i realized what was happening it was already too late. afterwards cymara drove me all the way back to cambridge before returning to the city. she told me the story of how she ended up in boston without a place to stay (her prospective roommate already rented out her room before she arrived) and ended up living with a bunch of ladies, one of which was friend's with dan, which was how they met.

i scratched up my new camera for the very first time today. i have a habit of haphazardly tossing it into my bag, and the zipper on the inside pouch scruffed the glass on the topmost status LCD screen. it could've been avoided if i just remembered to put the camera into its neoprene pouch, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. the scratch in no way affects the performance of the camera, but for the rest of the day i couldn't stop thinking about it.

i tried to do some coding work today for client R but couldn't get myself to do it. it's not much, but i rather get it done early than later, just so my next week can be freed up. i spent the rest of the day catching up on movies. i heard my upstairs neighbors stomping up the stairs but by late afternoon they were gone for the weekend. for dinner i heated up some leftover mexican soup.