not much happened today. i went to belmont in the early afternoon to help my mother clean up the house in anticipation of a visit from my father's childhood friend who's arriving from california tomorrow afternoon and who will stay with them for the next 10 days a week. my sister was of course no help, focused on making jewelry for her crafts fair show in somerville tomorrow evening.

i was hoping to get back home before dark but i didn't leave until after 5:00. not only did the sun just go down, but it was also cold (30's) and the roads were filled with cars during rush hour. i made it home just fine, with drew getting back an hour later.

i fixed myself a tuna fish sandwich for dinner then later walked to rite aid to grab some snacks. i had a massive craving for salty sunflower seeds.

we've decided not to visit north easton tomorrow. drew's class doesn't end until 1:00 so the earliest we could possibly arrive there would be 2:00, with only 2 hours of daylight left to explore the h.h.richardson historic district. better to go on a day when we can leave in the morning and have more time to survey the area.

i finished off the evening by ordering some more camera accessories: op/tech usa D-SLR zoom soft pouch ($27.95), zing small pouch (black/purple $7.99), and a cosmos black neoprene camera strap ($7.99). i had a hard time deciding between the op/tech camera cover versus the zing large zoom SLR cover. i finally went with op/tech because 1) made in USA, 2) doesn't look as phallic, and 3) i read a review comparing the two and the reviewer said the op/tech version was better hands down. i owned a zing standard zoom SLR cover at one point, but lost it in litang (china). i remember the velcro closure didn't close very well, figured i'd give op/tech a try.