must've been that long nap i took beginning yesterday afternoon, because i couldn't fall asleep last night. fortunately i had nothing planned for sunday morning and could afford to wake up later.

before drew left for the harvard library in the early afternoon, he told me he noticed a box out on the backyard deck. turns out it was my motorcycle oil filter and 72mm circular polarizing filter. it must've arrived on friday (since i only get amazon deliveries during the weekdays), then got snowed on yesterday since the box was a little damp.

i put the 72mm polarizer on my 18-200mm so i no longer have to fumble with the cap every time i go take a photo with that lens. but now i wonder if it'd be better to go with a simple UV filter, because i think polarizing filter do decrease the amount of light entering the lens.

i spent this weekend entirely at home when i should've probably gone out and played around with the new camera and lens. but with the weather warming up for this coming week, maybe i'll do some photo excursions.

i'm not sure why i'm concerned, but i keep on having this feeling that my 70-300mm telephoto lens doesn't take as sharp a photo compared to the 18-200mm lens. i think it's all in my head because the telephoto just came back from canon factory and was given a clean bill of health. when i test the 2 lenses, the quality isn't that far off, so maybe i'm really just imagining it. even with IS enabled though, it's still easy to take blurry photos with the telephoto lens, so it makes me wonder if the repair was even worth it. it might've also been the weather, but the farther away the subject is, the lighter the image (nothing a little autocontrast in photoshop can't fix). maybe it has to do with the fact that the telephoto has a lens opening of 58mm while the 18-200mm is 72mm.

most of today i was working on filling some past blog postings. i wrote more about my time in the berkshires (friday) and i still have to write about my initial experience with the new canon 60D (wednesday). and even though it was back in august, i still need to write about my acadia trip, at least post a few more photos.

at 1:00 i watched the patriots-dolphins game. new england had the lead throughout the game, and kept miami far enough away that they could only threaten new england with a potential tie, never the lead. once again the patriots entered a scoring slump in the 2nd half, without scoring any points in the 3rd quarter, and won the game with 2 additional field goal kicks. they clinched the AFC east but that's just a formality; the bar is set so high, anything short of a superbowl win would equal a losing season.

drew came home around 5:30, and then went back out to get groceries. by the time he returned, i'd already finished my tuna fish sandwich for dinner.

i watched the half season finale of walking dead. i'm kind of liking this 3rd season. i stopped watching the 2nd season because all the farm plot was kind of boring, but now it's picking up again.

this kava tea really does make me feel tired. i won't have any problems falling asleep tonight.